Why is the Medallion Tote $1895?? It doesn't even have a chain!

  1. The bag is super cute but why is it the same price as a GST? I don't get it! The bag doesn't have any hardware except for the zipper pull. No chain! Nothing. That bag should be at least $400-$500 less than what it is. Don't you agree or am I missing something? :confused1:
  2. I never quite understood why the Medallion tote was so expensive either. Between the two, I'd pick the GST any day. :yes:
  3. Cause it has great leather? Plus cant have a gst at 1895 and medallion at 1595, they need to price things in the same range. I was thinking why was the jumbo flap so much more than the gst? Not more materials just a lot more craftmanship and details.
  4. ^Well, on that same token, the baby coco cabas seems really overpriced lol. Pretty much anything Chanel will be ridiculously overpriced, but that's the price you pay for the name.
  5. Well, I am a big medallion tote fan..
    This is alot of bag for your money.
    Its very roomy and durable.
    I personally am not a big GST or PST fan.
    But they are both classic bags and thats why they are the same price.
    They are both totes- just different styles of totes
  6. Somehow I think we can never figure the relationship between the bag and the worth of its material..... My hubby always said, whatever things they put on the bag, it will never worth their price.....;)
  7. I don't think we can compare Chanel purses on the basis of price.

    The medallion tote has been around for a bit longer than the GST and perhaps Chanel figured it was a such classic, coveted design that it could still endure a price hike?

    I know the price hike did not stop me from buyng one.
  8. Is it very roomy and easy for everyday? I am thinking of maybe getting one!!!
  9. you'd have to take this up with the financial people at Chanel.
  10. Why would anyone think that the addition of a chain or large hardware would make a bag worth $400-500 more? :confused1::confused1::confused1:
  11. Is it worth $500 more? Probably not but most bags are priced higher when there is more hardware on it. The work Balenciaga with regular hardware is priced around $1300 and the one with the giant hardware is $1795. It's just the way it usually is.
  12. IMO-it is very roomy and has lots of space- great for everyday. The leather is very durable

  13. Hmm, never heard that one before.

    I might suggest that the "fashion" bags in a line (such as the Chanel Bubble Quilt bags at about $2500 and up, or the Balenciaga with Giant Hardware) are sometimes priced higher than the "classic" bags in a line (such as Chanel's Medallion Tote or GST, or the traditional-hardware Balenciaga bags).

    (Incidentally, I own a Medallion Tote and the quality and craftsmanship is outstanding. For starters, its lined in leather, which I can't say for two other Chanel bags that I own that cost over $2,200 each.)
  14. I personally like Medallion Tote much more than GST so I think they are worth the same amount of money. =)
  15. I just hope no one from Chanel is reading this ... or else they might get the idea to bump the GST prices a little higher.