Why is the favorite still listed?

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  1. I’ve been told countless times that it’s no longer being produced, but why is it still listed?

    I would assume with the site update that it would be pulled... or are they still popping up?
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  2. The MM size still pops up frequently, although not many at a time, online and in stores.

    I haven’t seen the PM since the beginning of the year but haven’t really been looking for it either.
  3. I too have not seen the PM in quite sometime; however the MM has been popping up via website and stores sparingly. :smile:
  4. I don’t believe it was out of production. Sometime I feel SA like to scare us to bring in more sales by saying false information.
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  5. I have seen Instagram posts of them being available in stores.
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  6. To my knowledge, the favorite bags are still being produced. The demand is just so high that there's never enough stock for it to be listed on the website for long. They'll send some bags to the boutiques, so if you really want one, you can ask an SA to keep an eye out for you or have them request/purchase it from another store on your behalf.
  7. The MM size is definitely still available I was able to get 2 earlier this year: https://forum.purseblog.com/index.php?posts/33077231/
    There’s also some great tips on the stalking thread if you’re looking for the MM. It’s usually available online between 9:40 PM EST and 9:50 PM EST.
    The best way to get one is through your CA, as in the thread I’ve shared, my store placed an order and I received it shortly after.
    Best of luck!
  8. The mm is definitely still in production, someone on a thread here on tpf purchased one recently which was made in the last few weeks.
  9. Does the MM have a zip compartment? I love the bag but need a zip for medication/valuables.
  10. Nope. Only a small pocket, good for a few bills. Favorite MM doesn't fit that much. The most I can fit is my phone, full-size wallet, keys, and an epipen. If I decide to stuff it and add a small pouch, the MM flap can be slid up. The magnetic closure is actually a sliding magnet within the canvas and lining.
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  11. Still a cute bag tho! I would love if they made a slightly larger favorite. I just love the thin chain against the canvas but the regular leather crossbody strap.
  12. I see a lot of Louis Vuitton items that are totally sold out online. I really want the mini Pouchette but cannot get my hands on one!
  13. Is there any other bag you're considering? I don't know what your budget is but the Montaigne BB is the closest thing I can think of with a zippered pouch that is also close to the size of the Favorite MM. I saw it the other day and I thought it was really cute.

    If you really like the chain and leather straps, you can ask an SA to show you any bag you like with different straps and chains. The leather strap on my favorite recently split and it cost me $60 USD to replace.
  14. I got mine thru my SA. Ask your SA to be on the lookout. I texted my SA in the afternoon and on that same day she received one. Relationship with SAs can save you a lot of time:smile:
  15. Favorites are still being produced got one 2 weeks ago. My SA gets every couple of days
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