Why is the burberry prorsum manor bag in patent so cheap on ebay ?!?

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  1. I don't know if it is real or not but I do know that the Burberry clearance center in Allen, TX had a shipment of manor bags and beaton bags for 150$ maybe they got it from there?
  2. $150? Dang. I would've bought one in each color at that price. :smile:
  3. Maybe the seller bought all of them at one of the outlets? Or from a sample sale?
    Regina :confused1:
  4. let me tell ya why. because those bags they sell ya for so much were bought at the burberry clearance outlet in allen. they range from 149 for any NON CHECK or 349 for any CHECK bags. u shouldnt pay more than that .. they are real but ur getting ripped off.. cause this purses where very cheap. this people buy in lrge quantities and then resell for double.. why do u think its crossed off in the receipt!

    cause for those prices u would pay th