Why is the Birkin so much more expensive than Kelly -- supply and demand?

  1. What makes a Birkin so much more expensive than a Kelly? To be frank, I don't really see why there would be any cost difference between a Birkin and Kelly. The leather, harware, workmanship all seem pretty comparable.

    Is it simple economics -- Birkins are more in demand so H can price it higher?
  2. I think that's part of it.
    Also, it's their "Flagship bag"
    I think they are also more difficult to make than Kellys.
  3. And they are bigger. IMO
  4. For one thing, the Birkin has two handles, the Kelly only one. And from what I've read, it takes a craftsman about 18 hours to construct a single handle. Also, the Birkin's cut is a bit more intricate.

    I'm sure there are other details that I've failed to mention that cause it to take longer to make.
  5. OH but I must add that some prices don't seem that far off. I think someone on here said an ostrich 32cm kelly is about 11k-13k. A 30cm ostrich birkin is not TOO much more expensive.
  6. I was just thinking about this last night!! I was looking at both and thinking WOW! A $2K difference! (Souple Swift 35 Kelly vs. Togo 35 Birkin).

    After looking at the details of each I came to the conclusion that yes the birkin is more intricate in construction. The closure and flap is a good example of this.

    It also looks like a bigger bag/more leather. I love my kelly but I really look forward to receiving my kelly in clemance. The sift leather has given me a bit of a headache..it scratches and I get a bit paranoid!
  7. These are the prices as I remember from asking my SAs:

    Souple Ostrich Kelly 28cm - $10500
    Souple Ostrich Kelly 32cm - $12600
    Ostrich Birkin 30cm - $12000

    Souple Ostrich Kelly 28cm - $11000
    Ostrich HAC 28cm - $12000
    Souple Ostrich Kelly 32cm - $13000 (SA wasn't sure)
    Ostrich Birkin 30cm - $12700
  8. I would have to agree with much of the above...costs in construction of the bag (time/materials/labor/intricate), size of the bag, demand/popularity may warrant a bit higher mark-up, and maybe just a marketing technique as well.

    Nice info. Kou...thank you
  9. Ladies, thank you for the information. Kou, the pricing information was very helpful.

    I guess the price difference gap is more apparent at the reseller/used market. The reseller/used market for a Birkin is usually much more than for a comparable Kelly.