Why is the agenda pen holder so small???

  1. I know that there were alot of threads b/f about finding the right pen...Ive been looking for 3 years now and just bought one from LV today b/c....there is non that goes with the Damie.....

    This is annoying me and just had to vent......:yucky: This is deliberate.....and in the end I gave in....I hated to pay $230 for a dumb pen but....its so annoying to have one that cannot fit perfectly and neatly into the agenda...so stupid!!!!

    Hee..Hee...anyone else????
  2. Why is the agenda pen holder so small???

    So they can gouge us on the matching pens....
  3. Very small agenda pens exist, just try a few stationery websites.

    I also bought the LV agenda pen though, in pink. It was expensive, but I gotta say, I really love it and it writes very, very nicely.

  4. Yes, I agree!!!!:yes: :lol:
  5. Its so true!!! They write really well!!!

    But they should of given the customers some options and made them bigger...it takes too much effort to find the one that fits it and that is soooo annoying.....:shame:
  6. LOL Bagluvluv I noticed the same thing...a few days ago, my SO took me to Tiffany's and we found one that fit...only like $90 after tax:smile:

    The first day, it was such a tight fit!!! However, I have just left it in there for a couple of days and the pen loop's leather has stretched ever so slightly, so now it works:smile:
  7. The blue ones right??? I did think long and hard about that one after getting the idea from other pfers but....just didnt go too well with my dark brown Damie....

    I still cant believe that I paid that much for a pen...gotta hide this forever from my hubbie or he will blow a gasget!!!!!!:lol:
  8. Yes, it's definitely deliberate so people will pay their outrageous prices.:cursing:
    I don't actually have a pen in any of my agendas cause I worry about spills so I just take pen with me on days I use the agenda.
  9. LOL Yup I got the blue one...it also came in pink.

    Mine looks cute with my frambroise vernis agenda, but I could see it looking a bit "off" with the damier agenda:smile:

  10. That ones really nice, thank you for the info!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Darn, and I just bought the LV pen today.....:yucky:
  11. I didnt think about that one...that can happen for sure.....better be careful with mine.....:yes:
  12. The pen holder on the agenda will stretch and loosen up if you use a thicker pen. I've been using a non-LV pen for as long as I can remember, and when I finally purchased an LV Nails agenda pen...I discovered that it didn't fit! The LV pen easily slipped out...while the generic pen fits like a charm.
  13. I agree..LV want us to buy LV pen for LV agenda..

    the same thing with pochette strap..instead of making longer strap, LV wants us to buy pochette extender
  14. Unfortunatley I bought an LV & a Chanel agenda w/out the pen holder but liked the pen so much in pink, I bought it anyway. I just slide the pen on the side slot so it doesn't fall out. But sure wished I had seen this thread for that great pen for that incredible price. I will print it out anyway, if I loose mine this is the one I will order next time!!! Thanx