Why is terrorism always the reason, handbags, diamonds...

  1. Before I start, I am against replica, fake whatever you wanna call them handbags. I own two that were both gifts which I have explained in other posts.

    That said, why is it that when people here mention replicas, automatically funding terrorism comes up? Is there an article or information on this? Can someone post a link to it so I can settle an argument with my sister in law? I've searched and can't find anything.
    My sister in law is a vegan, very politically correct and also a hypocrit. She hates my LV's because of the leather and the animals lives it took to make them...I'm just searching for information on how replica handbags are tied to terrorism to prove a point to her. She condems my handbags but loves her huge shiny diamond and drinks a ton of coffee a day...do you know how many HUMAN BEINGS it kills to mine just a single carat of diamond...or how many men, women and children are beaten, enslaved and worked to death in Columbia and Africa picking beans?
    As of 2006, for each rough carat mined, 7-15 men and children are killed. Those who refuse to work in the mines have their arms cut off. My diamond is a Canadian Mined Diamond, no one died for it.
    Any info would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Hmmm.. I've always wondered that myself. In fact, I was speaking with my friend this morning and mentioned why I found it hypocritical of people who look down on fake bags, yet buy products that are made by child labor, such as Nike.

    Edited to say that I don't condone counterfeits, I just think if you refuse to buy products because of child labor, it should be all products, not only designer bags.
  3. Oh my goodness, this is dejavu....I also agree with you both.
  4. By terrorism, they don't only mean Al Qaeda for example. This also includes organized crime (such as the Mafia.)Someone has to benefit from the sale of fake handbags and it's certainly not little old ladies or any worthy cause/company.
    And it's not just handbags..here's a link from My Poupette

    and some others:
  5. I started a thread several weeks ago about the whole diamond/hypocrite/luxurybags issue, which was hotly debated.

    Things are linked to terrorism half the time simply to polarize people against it/them. As in 'starting a war.'

    Notice North Korea actually HAS a nuclear weapon, and the US doesn't do anything, (which goes completely opposite bush's "pre-emptive strike" mandate he 'established' with Iraq) and yet we started an enormous war with a country with dubious and questionable proof of WMDs? Why?

  6. So would it be different if we stopped using the word terrorism and instead used the phrase "organized crime"?
    I think the word terrorism in itself is what causes such a debate. Some people think it only means one thing when in reality it encompasses many things, people and events.
    So maybe we should just say organized crime instead, because otherwise everyone will just debate the meaning of the word and meaning of this topic will get lost in political debate.
    How about this then...why do you (meaning anyone who may peruse this topic) believe or not believe that [organized crime] is supported by counterfeit handbags and other items?
  7. well the whole point is, in this age of global economy, the populations of most poor nations are exploited for the benefit of wealthy corporations or entities.
    Ok if you REALLY think about it, it's been going on since the beginning of history.

    Pyramids were supposedly made with slave labor, the bible has plenty of slavery, a US civil war was justified over it... There's always going to be oppressed societies and cultures, and unless you can grow and make every single thing you wear and consume, there's no way you CAN'T unwittingly contribute to someone's misery somewhere.

    I'm not saying it's right, but if I thought about all the oppression in the world, I would never get any sleep at night.

    Even rich people who actuallly have good intentions, who give money to 'good causes,' it always seems to turn out that most of the money goes to 'administrative costs' before 10% actually gets directed where it was originally intended. And that sickens me as well.
  8. Kind of like all the money donated to hurricane Katrina funds..most everyone donated money to the fund but they still don't have it. I did hear something about Nagin (sp?) having some of the money that was donated now but he wasn't using it yet. But it was just a commercial for Anderson Cooper's show and I didn't hear the whole thing.
    That's why when I donate, I do donate money but I donate my time to causes instead...I like being able to see personally what effect I'm having on those who need it.
  9. That kind of hypocrisy puts me in mind of people who are against abortion, but support the death penalty. Or who are against abortion, but will blow up abortion clinics killing the people inside.

    Anyway, I never knew people felt that buying replicas/fakes was supporting terrorism. Is it because they think that people in certain countries make the replicas and thus people who buy replicas/fakes are giving them US dollars and in turn supporting their terrorist efforts financially?

  10. I read an article that was sort of condemning people in Palm Beach for the charity balls thrown during the season because of this very issue you raised. They said that at the end of the function, only a very small portion of money that was allegedly raised actually goes to the charities because of other costs like catering, flowers, and things like that. Palm Beachers were pretty heated about the allegations in the article and were pretty reticent about giving exact numbers when later asked how much of the money raised actually goes to charity.
  11. i never thought that countries like china etc produce fake bags for terrorism ha ha ha... they're just too many people there and the labour is cheap, so they can produce anything cheap and make money by selling it to other country, and as we can see the growth of economy there is so big. and i also don't hate fakes bag although i refused to wear one. because there's lots of people who just rich but wanting to own a nice design bag and if they can't afford authentic, it's their choice to own a fake. you know, i swear if i still work in my old office, i will never afford a designer's bag. my salary was only around 250USD A MONTH!!! can u believe it???
    and i think it's ok for other countries except america to own a nuclear weapon, because apparently bush is not so wise himself, what?? attacking another country just like that without any proofs??? i disliked him...
  12. All we can do as consumer is do are best to buy with a "conscience", wether that be buying designer bags, not fakes, free-trade coffee, diamonds not mined in Africia & sold by DeBeers. One could go absolutely crazy, but every little bit helps in your own personal way. No one can solve all the problems in the world especially while being a consumer in the global market. And, don't even get me started on Bush, he's an idiot and I'll leave it at that!!!
  13. yes, i agree with you shelley. when there's no demand, there won't be the product.
  14. Yeah, it is more 'organized crime' than terrorism. My BF is taking a class on organized crime now for his degree, and there is one mafia-type organization that their main operation is making bootlegs/counterfits! I will have to ask him which one.
  15. Wow you guys are great! Bring up a lot of great points and I can't wait to debate further with the sis in law...LOL Thanks so much for wonderful responses!!! Keep em coming!