Why is $ symbol not darkened?

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I almost had heart attack tonight when I logged into My eBay and saw that the $300+ item I sold and already shipped did not have a darkened $ symbol. I quickly logged into PayPal and confirmed that it had indeed been paid for (I had already checked before sending the item). Does anyone know why it does not show it's been paid for in My eBay?
  2. It happens sometimes. The link does not always work.
  3. Thanks!
  4. The same thing happens with tracking - usually when I upload a tracking number to the PP transaction, it uploads on eBay too, but sometimes it doesn't for whatever reason.
  5. I think it's just a glitch. I always check Paypal before shipping out just to make sure it went through ok. :smile:
  6. No worries my friend. It's happened to me too. You're all good.
  7. Thanks, ladies!!