Why is Suhali so much pricier?

  1. In comparison to Epi for example? I am an LV newbie....sorry if this is a dumb question.
  2. Definitely! Its the 'mother' of LV! The gorgeous goat-skin and the high workmanship of the bag makes it 'hard' to aim for ..and their design are soo classic and scream 'high-end'... some day I would hope to own one...:love:
  3. its bacause its made of goat skin.
  4. So true Teddyraph!

    I have never owned a Louis Vuitton. You know when someone is discussing politics and they say, "I don't vote for the party, I vote for the person/candidate?" That's how I am with bags. I don't really get into any one brand....it's all about the specific bag.

    When I saw the Suhali Lockit I knew it was the one. Now I just have to wrap my mind around the price tag. I do think it is very practical and will last....also it is *very* classic, which helps.......it won't ever look dated.
  5. CHeery pie;
    Yeah, I don't think the craftmanship is any different,.
  6. I don't like the Suhali line...it's just not for me.
  7. Girlsgot to shop-

    Most of the Suhali line has too much metal and is structured like luggage.....I always thought it was gorgeous but not for me. The Lockit almost looks like a different line....much softer and way less metal.
  8. Hi Cecilia2, you're right! Let's 'aim' together... :tup:
  9. Oh and yes, the suhali lockit is sooooooo gorgeous!!!!!!! That was what I'm talking about owning....
  10. Thanks cherry pie and liberte for your responses!

    I know goats are not rare.....I wonder if the tanning process is more difficult or labor intensive than calf..........
  11. Teddyraph-

    I love the ivory and the black! So hard to chose. I am going to go with the black....LOL....for now! I'll have the ivory on the back burner.

    Now I just have to figure out if it will be PM or MM.....I not into super big bags.
  12. thats a good question! i love the suhali line, its one of my fav LV lines. i was at the boutique the other day, one of the SAs said that the gold metal hardware is 18k gold-plated. at least, i believe she said 18k. i was sort of distracted staring and touching the bag. lol!
  13. im also assuming its because of the goat leather and craftmanship more studs etc.
  14. Yeah, black is sooo beautiful!
  15. Lunatwinkle-it's gorgeous isn't it? The pricing just makes it tough for me own both colors!

    Aesthetic-the construction details and quality are amazing......I know that definitely has something to do with it.