Why is Sophie only limited to Hawaii and some asian cities?

  1. Seriously why the exclusive? I would ask my SA's , but they would'nt know of a good answer. If LV is all about the $$$ as many have posted here ... ect price increases, re releases. how come they arent bringing Sophie to all markets? If anyone has an answer I would be curious to know.
  2. I have asked this exact same question to 866 and they state they "do not know".
  3. When something is limted people want it more. Plus that it where LV is most popular.
  4. I think it's a shame it's limited. In all honesty, it puts me off of a product if it is.. merely because I feel it's unfair.
  5. LV's largest clientele are predominantly Japanese. Therefore, LV primarily caters to them. Hence the release of exclusive items to Japan and Hawaii.
  6. It's kind of annoying, at least with the Panda, some pieces made their way here but if anyone wants a Sophie without going to eBay, then they're pretty much out of luck.
  7. IT SUCKS!!! lol . I guess if I want one its eBay, I hate that, I should of ordered from Hawaii this year and I could of had my hands on one.
  8. so annoying. produced items should be available to all customers.
  9. Or at the least make these items available to their regular clients, who have been with them for years.......like moi.....!!