Why is so difficult sell Paddys on ebay??

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  1. Sorry, to bring up an old thread. But, I found this thread very informative. Maybe some other newbies will too.

    I had already decided against ebay but now I am certain that I won't buy from there. It seems really hard to authenticate a chloe. Some are blatant fakes. But, Chloes are not consistent year after year. The leather changes, the fonts change, etc. I will have to just wait on a sale from an online retailer.
  2. I used to be an Ebay seller and that's exactly what I think too. People on Ebay are looking for a deal- they think they're going to find a bag that is authentic, yet only costs a few hundred dollars. Haha! They don't want to pay close to retail in case it's fake. I really don't think it's because no one wants a Paddington. A few years ago, you could actually trust what you bought on Ebay because fakes were so obviously fakes and now the counterfeiters have gotten better and it's easier for them to pass bags off as the real thing. People figure, why take the risk?
  3. I agree that on ebay you need to be VERY CAREFUL !!!:ninja:...I now only buy from trusted sellers that I know, or from department stores or online stores like NAP or Diabro.net. So far, I have only gotten ONE fake from ebay:cursing:...(It can happen to us all! LOL) and luckily was able to return it and got my money back, via paypal, after three months! :tup:I think that on ebay, it's such a minefield that buyers are very wary. It's also the prices of the bags. I am a Chloe lover, but there are those who just will not or can't afford $1,000 for a handbag. It's a very small segment of the population that are buying these bags, so that is a factor as well. :rolleyes: I do think that it's supply and demand as with anything else. If people want these bags, the prices will stay (and go) up, and if the perception is that another bag is the "trend" they will gravitate toward that. Fashion is so fickle, but for me, the Chloe paddingtons are "IT." (And the older, the better! :yahoo:)
  4. IMO I would rather pay the money to know I got the real thing that risk my money on a fake. That's waht keeps me from buying more expensive bags on Ebay.

    Also, I've noticed that several brands are selling for less over the past few months... not sure why on that one. It may be because fakes drove down the expected bidding prices.
  5. I think too that it's the fakes. It´s actually the same thing here in Finland - we have our own little " ebay"-type thing. A few years back there were no fakes at all - suddenly they are everywhere! I'm not sure if I can ever sell my rouge paddy, and I know eBay isn't the solution. It's so sad when you cannot trust people. :sad:
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