Why is so difficult sell Paddys on ebay??

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  1. Like all sales, that depends on supply and demand. If, in three years' time, there are still plenty of brand new/as new authentic Paddys for sale on eBay, being sold by trustworthy sellers; you will indeed be lucky to get 1/2 price (I think $500 is almost certainly less than a Paddy would ever drop to - as you have to factor inflation and eBay and Paypal fees into the equation).

    However, if there are very few/no brand new/as new authentic Paddys, in that colour, being sold on eBay by trusted sellers, in three years' time; you may very well be able to attain a far higher asking price than you can now. Particularly as Phoebe Philo has left Chloe and her bags (which are regarded as a fashion phenomenon) will undoubtedly become collectors' items.

    You may actually find that a price difference occurs between the bags that were produced before she left Chloe and those that were/are released after her departure.

    I don't often sell on eBay, but I've never listed a brand new designer bag for less than half price, nor would I! In fact, I'm pretty sure that if I tried to, most buyers would just assume it was a fake, anyway!!! :biggrin:
  3. Something similar to this may have already been stated, but when it comes to eBay I think you simply do better with mid-range bags. Most people willing to pay $1500 for a bag aren't going to do so on eBay unless it can't be found anywhere else. For that amount of money, you should make sure it's exactly what you want (ie go to a store with a return policy). Plus shoppers who can afford that amount for a bag might not be as interested in finding a bargain (a big assumption, but possibly...).

    But I see Kate Spades and Coach bags sell for close to retail all the time, and I know most of those bags are from outlets and that the sellers are turning a tidy profit even if they're selling below retail. Why are people willing to pay close to retail on these bags? One, there's an established market on eBay for reselling those bags if you buy them and don't like them. Two, they're usually not as substantial an investment in the first place. Three, people looking for a deal are probably looking at more budget conscious bags, like Coaches. And four, in my humble opinion, Coach is a more recognized luxury brand (in middle America, my home, at least) than Chloe. I think the average consumer likes to have a status bag like a Coach signature bag because everyone will know what it is. Just my two cents.

    But, trust me, if I had the cash, I'd be bidding on those beautiful Paddys myself!!
  4. [/qoute]
    I don't often sell on eBay, but I've never listed a brand new designer bag for less than half price, nor would I! In fact, I'm pretty sure that if I tried to, most buyers would just assume it was a fake, anyway!!! :biggrin:[/quote]

    I sold it at 50% off because they were not new. The LV was used for 3+ years and had a lot of watermarks on the bottom of the bag. The Gucci was a vintage piece that was not new either (although it was in perfect condition!).

    I sell authentic designer items on ebay all the time! However, the items are never new....just loved! :lol:
  5. please post pics or a link!! this goes for EVERYONE trying to sell a paddy!!! > I've been thinking of getting one... don't know why! I never liked it, just recently fell in love with them!!
  6. I agree. Unless the bad is a discontinued color, it's not worth spending close to retail for a bag when you can spend that extra $100.00 at the boutique and have the peace of mind knowing that your bag is authentic.
  7. Sophie,

    I never thought I'd like a paddy either, but I looked at them a couple times and also tried one one and realized they are great bags. I got lucky and my Mom got me a taupe paddy that was on sale and the texture of the leather is just divine...... I've named her Sandy because her scrumples look like a sand dune :love:

  8. I agree, roey! :yes:

    With a few exceptions, a used bag, particularly one that shows signs of use, should only really be expected to make an average of 50% retail. A very lightly used one should make a little more and a heavily used one should make a lot less, but that's about right.

    You can't, realistically, expect to wear a bag every day for 6 months and then expect to regain 75% of its cost.

    This is a very good example of supply and demand.

    If an item is rare and demand heavily outstrips the supply, the seller can, often, expect to be able to make a profit - even if the item is used!
  9. Or if the item is vintage and discontinued. I recently sold a vintage Gucci parfums bag for over $250 which I thought was a great sell!
  10. and my quilty pleasure hobo is probably one of my favorite bags and i get the most comments when I take her out. She would be worth double since retail was only $495.

  11. Very true, toreilly! :yes:

    That's why I speculated that this might happen (as we don't have a crystal ball, it's all, unfortunately, speculation, isn't it?! :lol: ):

    When an important artist, very sadly, dies, the price of their artwork goes up (sometimes astronomically), as (unfortunately, rather gruesomely and very unfairly); their death is the only guaranteed way of knowing the ultimate 'supply' of their work.

    While I'm not trying to equate the death of an artist, to the resignation of a fashion designer :lol: - you can presumably see the analogy I am trying to draw?

    There is a relevant precedent for this, as when Stella McCartney left Chloe (and before we all knew that Phoebe would be such a worthy successor), the price of Stella for Chloe items went up, quite dramatically, on eBay.

    Very true. :yes:

    A really good new design could affect the desirability of Phoebe for Chloe bags (including the Paddy).

    This also happened before, again, after Stella's departure; when it was realised that Phoebe was such a good designer.

    Although, IMHO, early signs don't look too promising (but maybe that's just me?). Hopefully they'll get their act together, soon (and/or Chloe will decide to find a suitable replacement for Phoebe).

    We can but hope! :biggrin:
  12. *sigh* this thread is scaring me!

  13. Frankly, I think that the vast majority of sellers who do this are shill bidders, who bid up their own items, with alias User IDs (or have friends who do it for them).

    I think most of them would, very sensibly, be chicken too, if they weren't, chicbags!!! :biggrin:

    Especially at this time of the year! :yes:

  14. Do you mind me asking why, fayden?
  15. i JUST listed my anthracite paddy on ebay. probably won't sell....