Why is so difficult sell Paddys on ebay??

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  1. i watch some of the auctions on ebay for the paddy.. just coz it is the one bag i want to add to my collection but i did want to echo a remark made by the other poster.... when u buy on ebay, there's always q's about authenticity of the product n because returning the item is almost impossible, then it becomes a real challenge for buyers to know n make the committment to buy the bag...

    also, with chloe becoming more affordable with the sales of a good number of stores (also available online, u dont even have to go to the store to buy it)...(over a grand, but not close to 1700), buying it from a department store or a boutique sounds more reliable coz u get to see it, touch it, walk with it and see if u like it, and because it is "brand new" then u can choose to just get it if it fits your style.. so it makes more sense to buy it from the store coz returns r probably a lot better n questions regarding authenticity can be verified right there and then....
  2. I wanted to clarify about this...I was able to return a bag after I received two defective bags in a row because I called and threw a fit and demanded to speak to the manager, told them this was the second bag with the issue, and that--had I been able to actually go into a store to select a bag (which I can't because there are no stores anywhere near my state)--I never would have purchased a bag in that condition. SO they made an exception, probably to shut me up.

    As for eBay, I have noticed a severe change in sales over the last two years. I think part of it is due to the large number of fakes they offer now and part is due to eBay losing credibility because of the fakes. Also, eBay is no longer a "novelty" like it was when it first came out, so the buyers who were gung-ho at first are now only shopping when they are looking for something in particular. The Paddington, sad to say, is now being offered on sale whereas a year ago there were waiting lists like we see now for whiskey Ediths. So clearly either production is up or popularity is down, or both. Rarity drives the price up, and that is pretty much shot now. If I am going to only save maybe $200 or $300 buying on eBay, I would rather buy retail and have the option to return. And since I live out of state of ANY retailers, I don't ever pay tax...so I would not purchase a bag for a price where tax was a factor. But I am seeing severe price declines in other areas, too. Some clothing items that used to go for over $100 are going for a quarter of that now. I recently purchased a rare item that cannot be purchased retail and should have been subject to a bidding war for a whopping $27. A steal for me, but I know retail on the item was around $150 and it was brand new. So I am not sure it is just the summer factor. I think eBay may have seen its peak days. And Paddy, too. :hrmm:

    That being said, there are also a lot of bag lovers who simply cannot afford to spend $1700 on a Paddy even if they want one. Someone brought this up before...but if you decide to take a loss on the bag, you may make someone REALLY happy because they will be able to get the bag they wanted but could not otherwise afford.
  3. ET, I was referring to you exchanging the blanc pocket for the defective choco shopper - didn't you have the blanc for some time? Was it defective too?
  4. In the end it was...I didn't notice it for a while, but about a month after I got it I realized it had a stitching issue on the back. Nothing like the choco shopper, but enough to bother me. So that is why I was so upset when they sent the shopper with an even worse stitching problem! The blanc just had the stitching on the back (on one edge) going into the seam of the piping. I am just glad no one here got it when it was on the Marketplace, and that I caught it before it sold! :shame:
  5. I've started this thread and then i've listed my paddy on ebay and...
    Did not sell:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

    Now i can really say : IS DIFFICULT SELL PADDYS ON EBAY":sad:
  6. l_b what will you do now? Are you on the side of keeping it to let it sit in your closet or on the side of relisting it at a lower starting bid?
  7. I have just bougth a new Balenciaga ( fall 06 ) and i have too many bags.
    I will relist it at a lower starting bid...
  8. Hi all,
    I would love to buy a paddy if I could find a great deal on e-bay but am so afraid to get a fake. Anyone know of reliable sellers? I am new to this forum and hope that this is not an unfair question. If not ok to ask, please let me know!
  9. It is too difficult to post a list of recommended Sellers, BUT there is a list of known to be non-recommended Sellers:


    That section of the board is also a fantastic place to post an auction and see what fellow members think about it's authenticity.
  10. I used to buy alot of designer things on Ebay but going through pages upon pages of fakes is too annoying! Worrying about getting a fake has definitely lowered the amount I'm willing to spend on a bag, any bag. Also, the Paddingtons aren't as hot as they used to be IMO, other bags have come out since then. And they are so heavy! Lately with all the great sales I just buy from Gucci or Neimans or Saks and don't have to worry about fakes or quality issues. I think people are more flexible about the bag they'll take, i.e. if they can't find a Paddington in the color that they want they'll take something else in a similar color, but this is just my opinion. Once the bags are no longer in the stores though the prices really drop....
  11. My story: I bought this bag [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] I asked lots of questions she seemed very nice she explained that she get her items from closeouts she told me dont worry the bag is 100% auth if you dont like it return it. So I bought asked forum to tell me if it was auth and vots came back as no it is FAKE no I have to see If i can get my money back. I told my self NO MORE ebay. I already lost $400. on fakes its no longer worth the risks some one shold start a new site where only auth's can be sold.
  12. I know that when I want to sell something I really dont want and I see someone who is very interested and is not able to afford to pay new prices I let it go for give away prices because I feel that I made some one happy with someting I am no longer happy with.
  13. i think the problem with chloe is that it's so easy to fake. although the model is way more complicated than balenciaga, but the leather material is so easy to achieve by fakes. adn tthe price is way too high for a bag that's so easily copied. unlike balenciaga, although there's lot of fakes, u can spotted the authentic one easily, not just by touching them, but also through photos. maybe chloe is turning to become like lv in the market. except for the multicolore where it's very hard to copied, then.. i'm willing to spree thousand of dollars for it.
  14. I think differently... I am yet to see an excellent copy of the wrinkly & crumply leather of an authentic Chloe paddy. The best fakes I've seen have the pebbly texture but not the wrinkles. On the other hand there are superfakes of Balenciaga which look so real and really hard to say they're fake unless you take a closer look at the hardware.
  15. yes, that happens with the newer version of balenciaga, the leather is easier to copy.
    maybe because the interest on paddy was overflowed, and the prices on ebay is also ridiculuosly way high... i agree with some of the girls, i'd rather go retail for safety reasons...