Why is so difficult sell Paddys on ebay??

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  1. Summer on eBay is really slow and always has been. The Paddy, to me, is more of a fall and winter bag. I don't think "summer" when I see a paddy. I decided to hang on to my taupe paddy for now but you never know. I might change my mind. I have been looking for a black paddy on eBay and all I've found are FAKES. I seriously think that when fall rolls around, it will be a better time to sell a Paddy on eBay. Also, anyone that knows about paddys knows they are all different texture wise. Many people just would rather see one in person before they buy.
  2. :yes: :yes: I completely agree! I often take losses, big and small, when selling bags both used and gently used. I try to break it down by cost per wear from this aspect versus when I'm selling a bag that is brand new with tags. The only bag I ever profited big on was the IF Quilty Pleasures hobo. It was a huge sellout last fall and I doubled my money! With all my other sales, I have either taken a loss or broke even. But again, I don't consider it a loss when I was able to enjoy the bag for the time I had it.
  3. I think it's also because of the wide range of pricing for paddys on ebay unlike with some other brands where the prices are pretty much stable. Maybe people are waiting to "get lucky" and find a good deal which is waay below retail. From a seller's point though, it's hard to take a 50% hit for something you paid good money for. But hang in there, I still think there's always that "one" buyer out there.
  4. What an excellent thread!

    First off, I don't believe Paddingtons will be 'out' anytime soon. I much prefer the uniqueness of each bag rather than the stamped out production of other designer bags. And if the lock is too heavy, it maintains its beauty without the lock.

    That said, I am reminiscent of the summer sales last year and feel next to idiotic for listing handbags the exact same time this year. :cry: This has to be the worst time for bags on Ebay, coupled with summer vacations and all. That said, it is a great Buyer's market :graucho:, as the Sellers tend to adjust prices downwards and there is little bidding competition.

    Condition is so very important to describe in listings. And lots of pictures. And as silly as it sounds, aromas. Buyers like the 'new leather' smell.

    I get stubborn about my pricing sometimes. And this thread made me re-think this. Something really is better than nothing. I did have the pleasure of scoring the bag and maybe carrying it if I used it. We are all fairly fickle :lol:, in a charming way, so this will cost us when we change our mind. Oh and I learned a long time ago that taxes and shipping are down the drain as soon as I decide to keep it. Buyers only consider retail/tag prices in comparative value.

    I have been having better luck with Fixed prices and Best Offer Options lately. Although now I wish I had accepted a couple of Offers :Push:. The bidding wars just aren't there, unless you do $9.99 without a reserve, and I am too chicken to do those unless I have at least a dozen listings to lure Buyers in.
  5. I too, think this is a great thread for both sellers and buyers! :yes: It provides insight into both sides. I know that if I ever decide to sell my Edith in the next couple of years it will be for below the retail cost of $1275 (even though I paid around $1400 for it after taxes and shipping...but as Chicbags mentioned buyers don't take this into consideration). However right now I could not fathom selling it as I love it soooo much. :love: I do think it will be more of a "classic" bag than the paddingtons...

    ...and if I ever consider selling the chocolate paddington I acquired it probably won't sell for the amount I paid for it either. :Push: But you know what, I ADORE my paddington and didn't buy it for it's future value. I bought it because it is gorgeous!!

    The only way I think Chloe bags will sell for MSRP or above is if they ever decide to discontinue the colors/models (and I don't see that happening soon) AND if Chloe owners don't flood the selling market with their unwanted bags either! Just buy what you love and wear USE it as it was intended for! A handbag!

    Chicbags, I understand your fear for selling something without a reserve price. I bought a LV petit noe 3-4 years ago for around $600 and loved and used it daily. I just sold it on ebay for for $125 (photo attached) It was not in the best of shape but it was still a steal for the buyer nonetheless. I considered stopping the auction because $125 was the beginning bid price not the price I hoped it would sell for. My hubby said to me, "but do you use it?" I said, "no". And he said to me, "well, wouldn't you rather have $125 for another purse than a bag that just sits in the closet?" And I thought..."yes!" I didn't love it anymore but I bet the new buyer will!
  6. I think, as a seller, the days of getting your $$ back or even close are long gone (remember the vuitton murakami madness of 03? those were crazy times!). I've noticed, across the board, that items no longer pull down the decent prices of a few years ago. I used to be able to sell a barely used prada skirt for a $200-300. Now, a person will be lucky to pull in $150 for last season's hot item. Bags are worse- the prices are higher and everyone's attention span has gotten shorter. Not to mention the huge amount of fakes that have completely devalued the market. A bag is just not an investment. It's sad to "lose" money on a purchase that no longer makes your heart sing. but sadly, once you've laid out the cash, you can pretty much be assured that, unless something is very unusal or hot, you will probably certainly be losing money on it if you choose to sell.

    O/T a bit- Has anyone else noticed that there are fewer sellers of quality items? I used to pick up great prada and marc jacobs clothing all of the time on ebay. Now there are so few quality sellers. I just seem to scroll endlessly through the same 5 knockoff marc jacobs dresses offered by what seems like the same seller under 20 different names.
  7. It sucks, but you just got to roll with the punches. It's either sell it for some amount of money or not get the next bag I want sooo yeah :sad:
  8. Afew weeks ago I sold my BNWT large natural python silverado on ebay for $1600, so I probably cleared close to $1500. I paid over $2400. Killed me to sell it at that price but, as others have said, $1600 in my checking account is better than an unused large python silverado in my closet! :cry: I've sold a few chloe bags on ebay - usually after the auction has ended and I get an offer that I accept. I had a rare, blue nuit chloe paddington box/bowler that I paid $1700 for, sold it for $1100 (including shipping to Canada), but again, I cut my losses and moved on. It sucks but the money from ebay is still more than you get from your average consignment store. :sad:
  9. I agree this is a great thread and totally understand both sides. I don't have really anything to add, rather I echo several comments.

    As a buyer, I look for deals on ebay. I would probably not buy a bag close to retail since I wouldn't be able to return it. I can be fickle and nowadays if I don't like an item I return it. I try to just shop at stores with great return policies. As a seller, I'd rather keep a bag then sell well below retail, however I totally see that flawed logic. An unsed item has no value. I will try to keep that in mind while sorting through my unused items. Maybe I'll list some items for sale and try not to cry if they don't go for much. lol.

    Good luck to all the sellers :biggrin: hopefully fall sales will be better.
  10. I know. It's disappointing and that's why I'm not going to sell mine. I can't bare to lose that much money, since I still love my bag. They seem to have the same "it" status as balenciaga but it kills me to see the older USED bbags go for so much over retail and in some cases double or 2.5 X! It's probably because chloes colors have pretty much stayed the same, and so has their leather. I'm actually going to get another one since I love them, so I just try to ignore the ebay resale values.
  11. i also agree with you rosegold. paddington's are on sale everywhere, including Intermix boutiques and the NM website! i think there was an overabundance this year and for now at least, it's a passing trend. all of my friends who bought paddies last year are no longer carrying it. and on top of that, the leather on all paddies are so inconsistent that people are probably afraid to buy i off of ebay before seeing it first. i listed my blanc paddy on ebay last month for a BIN of $1200 but ended up selling it to a sweet PF member for $1050. BUT I'm glad I sold it before all the current sales started.
  12. The rational way to look at this is: is $0 and keeping the Paddy worth x amount of money you can sell the Paddy for? Because the longer you wait, the less you will probably get for the bag. Or another way to look at it is: are you willing to sacrifice x amount of money by selling it on eBay in order to keep the bag? ie are you willing to "buy" the bag yourself for x amount of money? The $1700 you paid is a sunk cost. Now the bag is worth x -- whatever someone else will pay for it. It is no longer worth $1700. Do not focus on the $1700 figure. If you would purchase the bag for yourself for a maximum x amount (be it $300 or $700 or $1000), then that anything above that is your selling price.

    Because the truth is, you get $0 if the Paddy sits unused in your closet, and with decreasing prices (with the sales and decreasing popularity), the amount you will get the longer you wait will keep decreasing.

    I know it's a hard decision but if eBay is your only option for selling the bag, this is what you have to deal with. Sorry.

    Maybe you should look into consignment stores?
  13. Consignment stores are sheisty sometimes because they will accept any item as "authentic" without really verifying it. It's basically a buyer beware market. The more I read the post on this thread the more I think paying 1K for a used paddington is too much! This is a real eye opener. Look at all of the sales that have been popping up!

    I know some have said that sales are a rarity...but the downward trend of a bag and increase in sales has to start sometime, no? What if the "rarity" of sales is beginning to show it's face this year? Sales always happen first with infrequency and then BAM! Sales for the paddingtons will be everywhere. Look at NM and Saks...sales for Chloe (and yes, even the paddingtons) were readily available. Everytime they release a new season the old season has "got to go". Ergo the sales.
  14. This is a great thread and I've thoroughly absorbed the invaluable opinions here as I am also trying to sell my paddy on ebay. I've been trying for several weeks now.

    My question is that I always get a considerable # of people watching my item but when it ends, no one has placed one. Any thoughts on that? Are they just watching it out of curiousity?
  15. They watch it to see if it will sell at the asking price. Sellers with high quality items are usually sticklers for not lowering their bid on a current auction. Inevitably the seller lists another auction for the item at a lower price...if no one bites than they do it again with a lower starting price. All the while the original watcher keeps tagging it to be watched until it is low enough where they feel comfortable in bidding.

    In the end it would cost the seller a lot less in Ebay fees to just list the item in the first auction at a lower price. Unless the purse is a hard to find item and you get a PF member serfing for that color you probably won't sell your item for what you want (i.e. paddingtons over $900 on Ebay hardly ever sell...unless they are "special" in some way).