Why is so difficult sell Paddys on ebay??

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  1. Angst,

    My Chloe experience may be novice but not everyone who bids on Ebay items are Chloe experts. It is incorrect to attach Chloe experience to whether or not a bag will sell well on Ebay. Also, the sales are beginning because the bag will soon be a passe bag. That is the chance you take when you buy an "IT" bag. It's retail value will decrease as the trend decreases.

    Again....the question posed was why is it so difficult to sell Chloe on Ebay. I am merely giving you insight on how some potential Ebay buyers may think. If this thread was begun to so Chloe sellers can rant than I apologize for sharing my inexperienced opinion.
  2. (rosegold --- Paddingtons go on sale all the time in department stores. Just last week I could have purchased a paddington at 1100 at my Saks. Paddingtons are a trend bag. When they become passe (in a year) they will be 50%[/quote])

    All the time?? Chloe sales ARE a rarity. The only paddys I have seen on sale are the metallics, and I have checked Saks, Nordstrom and NM.
    Ebay is very slow this time of year. Hang in there girls, it'll pick up! Don't give your bags away.
  3. [All the time?? Chloe sales ARE a rarity. The only paddys I have seen on sale are the metallics, and I have checked Saks, Nordstrom and NM.
    Ebay is very slow this time of year. Hang in there girls, it'll pick up! Don't give your bags away.[/quote]

    Which is the right time of year?
    Maybe September?
  4. Yes l b , late August and on, till around mid Dec.
  5. I didn't know Ebay ever had a slow time! That is too funny. :lol: Okay, here are my two cents...

    I don't think that sellers should keep their bags in spite of it not being sold at their requested amount. So you sell your bag for $800 instead of 1K. A handbag is suppose to be held...what good would it do anyone if it is just sitting in your closet? Are you going to keep owning it and not carry it because you refused to sell it for $800? 3 years from now you are going to pull it out of your closet and say, "hey, I really shouldn't keep this anymore, I should sell it on Ebay". And three years from now you'll be lucky to get $500 for it! Sell it for what you can but don't keep it just because you don't think it will sell for 1K. Take the $800, chalk it up as a learning experience and put that cash towards a new purse you will love!

    Oh...and just because someone spends $800 instead of 1K on a bag doesn't make them appreciate it any less. I think we all have a screwed up perception of how much money $800 really is! For some people spending $800 could be a stretch and they'll love that Paddy more than you probably do (since you are trying to get rid of it!).

    That is just my two cents. I sold three authentic handbags this past month (2 vintage Gucci's, LV) and took a BIG hit (over 50% off). But you know what? They were just sitting in my closet and now someone else is lovin' it. And I was able to buy my Edith with it!

    Ok, I'm done ranting! :lol:
  6. I didn't take at she was commenting specifically on that bag. . . just purchases on eBay in general.
    Just my 2 cents!
  7. Very shrewd advice, lordguiny.

    Let me share my experience from the finance world which is very pertinent here.

    In behavioral finance, there is a concept called loss aversion/loss avoidance. What it says is the following: People have a strong aversion to selling at a loss despite the fact that they know an investment will lose value in the future. Basically you have to start with a clean sheet of paper today and ask yourself if you would own a whiskey. I know the situation is not completely analogous - but you should the current price for the future uncertainty of what the value of the whiskey paddy will be a month or a year from now.
  8. I agree! A purse is like a car. As soon as you pull the car off the lot it loses value. A purse is kinda like the same thing (sadly). Also, when you advertise in your auction that the item is "new" with tags and that it is hard to find a serious Chloe buyer would say to themselves, "well if she was able to get it I should try too!" Then at least they have the comfort of returning it if they don't like it. This is assuming, of course, that you are trying to sell it at MSRP or more.

    I can't believe some of you paid $1700 or more for a paddington! That is a lot. Just last winter the bag was selling for $1340USD. In my opinion, if you had the bag for 6 months and sold it for 1K that is a pretty good deal for both parties. :yes: Now if your bag is older and has some wear/tear than I don't see how you can feasibly think people will buy it for 1K.

    We PF gals might...but remember, not everyone is a PF gal! :shame:
  9. I purchased my bag from Chloe, and the retail price at that time was $1540. Since I'm in NY, I had to pay sales tax on the bag. Unfortunately Chloe does not accept returns, so I was stuck with the bag. I could have opted for store credit (within 7 days), but I thought I would be better off selling the bag on eBay since I had no way of knowing if/when I would be interested in picking up $1700 of merchandise at the Chloe boutique. I wish Chloe and the other high-end boutiques who don't offer refunds would give clients that option.
  10. Originally Posted by lordguinny
    I didn't know Ebay ever had a slow time! That is too funny. :lol: Okay, here are my two cents...

    Yes lordguinny as like all business/retail/wholesale, the range/climate is ever changing.
    Just my 2 cents!
  11. Angst, I try not to buy from no-return boutiques if I can help it. I read that the whiskey was, in your opinion, the worst purchase you ever made. How come? I love the paddington!!!
  12. I try to do the same if I can avoid it. Unfortunately for me, when I bought my Paddy, Saks, BG and Barneys were all sold out. It wasn't available anywhere online either. This was back in late March/early April, and the ONLY place that had the Whiskey Paddy was the Chloe boutique.

    The Paddy has a lot of fans and a devoted following, but I'm just not one of those fans. I bought the bag more for the color than the design of the bag itself. I loved the Whiskey shade, but was not enthusiastic about the features of the bag. I thought that the bag would grow on me in lieu of this; I was hoping that my love of the color would override my tepidness regarding the overall design. Looking at myself in the mirror at the boutique, I thought I would be good to go. Once I got the bag back to my apartment and started matching it up with my wardrobe, I realized that I had made a terrible error. The bag just isn't me. It's the padlock mostly that kills me. It's just too trendy. I prefer bags with at least a little bit of structure, and the Paddy doesn't really fall into that category. The leather is amazing, and like I said, I love the color, but the design of the bag simply does not fit my personal style. Different folks for different strokes, that's all. I see other women carrying the bag and I think it looks great on them, but on me, not so much.
  13. I agree with toreilly and lordguinny. While I might spend $1k+ on a new handbag that is my choice and a roll of the dice - it's certainly not an investment. If I fall out of love and choose to sell it, I might hope someone would be willing to pay me near retail but I certainly can't expect it. I anticipate I could take a considerable financial loss on anything I might flip, therefore (most of the time!) I make my purchases very, very carefully.
    I started going to eBay years ago for deals - why else? But I've also bought a few things close to or on one occasion over retail just to get a hard to find item. But I've lost almost complete faith in eBay now due to rampant fakes. :rant: The MarketPlace was great in that it made us feel we could trust the people offering items for sale so perhaps items sold for better prices and more quickly, but we've learned there was fraud there too. If ever I see auctions from PF members I feel I can trust I certainly give them more consideration than I would any other auction - like one of yours angst! ;) But in the end I still have to consider if I really need the bag and what I could afford to lose if I bought it.
    This is a massive generalization - but I think the majority of women who can both afford a paddy and desperately want a paddy have been able to acquire them. That leaves gals who are either chasing a trend and therefore a good deal (or fake!), or the first group looking for those hard-to-find colors they missed the first time around on the used market - and they are fully aware the market isn't good! Doesn't leave many gals interested in near-retail on eBay with no returns...it may just be luck that they choose your auction over the many others, esp for whiskey right now. I sure hope the market picks up after the summer, but I'm not banking on it! :sad: Good luck! :flowers:

    edit: angst, just read your post above. I had the same reaction to the whiskey paddy - actually it was the color that killed it for me more than the design although I'm starting to see the trendiness of the design and glad I now only have one for posterity (tan). I was lucky to snap one up from NM so off it went! I know ET was able to exchange/store credit a bag at a boutique well after their exchange period just because she's such a good customer - maybe you could try that too?
  14. As both a frequent Ebay buyer AND seller, I must agree that beginning of summer is slow for Ebay sales, and I personally wouldn't buy from Ebay bec. the high end dept. stores have their sales going on right now. If I can find it in a shop, marked down, I'll take that option over Ebay any day. But the times I've regretted not getting a bag in a shop, and it's no longer available - that's when Ebay is a treasure trove!

    I think that Paddy sales have slowed down because they've become easier to find, and because the market's been flooded with fakes. Unfortunately, it seems the only way you could break even with a Paddy is if it's a rare colour - like bleu nuit.

    Good luck with your sale! Don't give up - I've often listed a bag 3 or 4 times before it sold - sometimes it just takes time!
  15. gosh, a paddy in cream or beige, or off white color is my next bag to purchase n I have looked at ebay a lot but similar to what rose has said, 1 k for a bag, although still new is still a lot of money...

    i have to admit that as a buyer, I try to find the best steal for the bags that I have, I dont have many bags n don't make the best money either so if anyone is willing to let go of their bag for a very good price (to me it would be a very good price but probably not for the seller) then I will go ahead n buy...

    again, if sellers r not wanting to sell their bag for way below retail, then that is a choice they r making n hopefully, someone comes along wanting to buy the bag.. but I think for most buyers, we just want to save as much as we could...