Why is so difficult sell Paddys on ebay??

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  1. Hi ladies..
    Why is so difficult to sell paddys on ebay?
    I am thinking of selling my ivory paddy but I have given a look to the ended auctions on ebay..
    On 10 bags listed sold 2 and for low prices..
    Why? It is not more a IT bag? There are too fakes ?
    I will do like Iluvabags..
    I will try to sell it on Ebay for a good price, if not i prefer keep the paddy instead of selling it for a low low price....
  2. i think theres just too many fakes!! it really sucks!!!
    im thinking of selling my blue silverado on ebay as well...
    Good luck l_b!!!
  3. Good luck also to you... !!
  4. I wish someone could answer this question for me. I have had my Whiskey Paddy listed on eBay for two months. I think I have a well detailed auction, my feedback rating is 100% (with well over 200 individual feedbacks left), and I have sold a number of other high-end bags recently. My Whiskey Paddy is brand new, with tags attached, and receipt included.

    I would have thought that in the two months I have had my bag listed, that ONE person would have come along who was interested in purchasing a Whiskey Paddy for below retail and not including tax. I feel like I wouldn't be able to give this bag away if I tried. I'm so sick of the Whiskey Paddy! It is by far the WORST purchase I have ever made. I have no idea what I was thinking. I feel like I will never be able to sell it.

    I could practically say "ditto" for my Python Silverado. And that one is listed for waaaay below retail. Same story: brand new, with tags and receipt. What is it with Chloes and eBay? I know eBay is slow at this time of the year, but I have had some success with some of my other bags. With Chloe though...nothing.

    Good luck, l_b.
  5. Just my humble opinion; but I think a combination of the over-run of fakes and the availability of the bags have caused Ebay Chloes to NOT sell.

    It is a drag for anyone who would like to sell their Chloe bags; perhaps, as Chloe tightens the distribution reigns in the bags will sell better on Ebay. This should occur in the fall, yes?
  6. My Paddy sold on ebay for far less than I paid for it which was disappointing. I had to list it twice to even get the bids above $700. And since, I've read several posts from people who are looking for the exact one I sold! I think it's a combination of people not trusting that the bags are real, and people who come to ebay looking for bargains.
  7. Yea....i know. i thought chloe was H-O-T, but when turns to ebay, its just freaking no show, so hard to make a sale!!...seems no ones interested in Chloe (or at least for those auth ones)......
    Im thinking if i can't sell my silverado for a good price, i might just keep it, better than sending it to someone whos not appreciate it.
    I love all my bags, i want them to find loving homes!!!
  8. keep trying! Ebay is VERY slow this time of year!
  9. Coming from a buyer on Ebay, if I cannot get a good deal on Ebay I'd rather pay retail. Why buy on Ebay for near retail cost (in my eyes anything over 900 is near retail cost) when I'll never be 110% sure that it is authentic? In my mind I'll always have regrets. Also, the bags that are sold are usually not new. I dunno....people don't go on Ebay to buy bags near retail cost. They go there for deals.
  10. Yeah. It really does suck.

    I was so surprised when my cream paddy did not sell immediatley. B-cuz judging from the forum its a HOT bag. Mine is an 2005 paddy which has the softer leather too! :noworry:

    Remember when the marketplace was open? Those things were flying out of the door like hotcakes.

    I really need the money and my auction ends tonight. I hope hope hope someone is waiting until the last minute to bid :cry:
  11. Retail price is 1500$ , 900$ it is not near retail cost.
  12. The Paddy retails for $1540, not including tax. I paid over $1700 for mine. In your opinion, a bag is near retail unless it is almost half off? I've had a lot of offers of $1000 including shipping and handling, but I would really like to avoid losing well over $700 on the bag.

    I haven't seen the Whiskey Paddy out for sale at Saks, Bloomies, BG, Barneys etc. in NYC, so I was assuming that the Whiskey color was still fairly difficult to find. I have seen many of the other colors available at the aforementioned retailers along with Intermix and Kirna Zabete, but no Whiskey. The online outlets don't seem to carry the Whiskey with much regularity either. A random Whiskey will pop up here and there, but I think at this point that most of those bags are returns.

    I assumed that getting a brand new supposedly "hot" bag for several hundred dollars off was a fairly good deal. Maybe I'm not in sync with the market?
  13. Yup. I agree.:yes: BIG TIME

    I don't think any of us PF members are in the business of GIVING away a bag just becasue some ebay buyers want to get a steal.

    If I have to hold onto my bag then so be it. Its a discontinued color and I'm not going to "give" it away. :noworry:
  14. I understand where you guys are coming from. Please don't feel like you need to be defensive...afterall, the post DID ask why buyers weren't snapping up the paddingtons. Not why you think it should sell for what you believe it should sell for. I just gave you the answer as to why your paddingtons didn't sell for more than $900.

    Paddingtons go on sale all the time in department stores. Just last week I could have purchased a paddington at 1100 at my Saks. Paddingtons are a trend bag. When they become passe (in a year) they will be 50%
  15. But (technically) $900 is not close to retail. And based on your previous posts, your knowledge of Chloe and the Paddington appears to extend back one week.

    Aren't the Chloe sales recent developments? I don't know the answer to this, but wasn't Kirna Zabete the first? I was out yesterday and neither Barneys nor BG nor Saks were including the Paddy in their sales. I think Paddy sales are still a rarity, no?