Why is Paypal not letting me deny payment? Only giving option of accepting it...

  1. A buyer sent me payment, but their address is not confirmed. The way I have my account set up, it is supposed to allow me to either accept or deny payment from unconfirmed addresses. It's my choice to either take on the risk and accept or deny it if I don't want the risk. Well, the accept button is highlighted and the deny one is not and won't even allow me to click on deny. I won't accept payments from unconfirmed addresses and since it's not letting me deny this one, the funds are just sitting there unclaimed. The seller is concerned because they sent money and it's just in limbo and not back in their account. I'd be concerned too and just want to deny so they get the money back and can send a money order. Help...... please. Thanks so much!
  2. PS my account is a premier account, so I know it's not because Paypal needs me to upgrade my account. I'm totally perplexed....:confused1:
  3. Can you ask them to go in and confirm their address?
  4. I had this happen to me also. I wanted to deny payment from a buyer as they waited to pay me 20 days after the end of the auction. I had already turned the person in to eBay as a NPB so I could get my fees back and relist. I called Paypal and they told me at the time they were upgrading the system and that's why they deny button was greyed out. They told me I would just have to not accept payment, and after so many days the payment would go back to the buyer. They didn't give me any other options to deny payment.

    You may want to call Paypal and ask them what is up this time.