Why is payment via money order not covered under Ebay's protection policy?

  1. I did a Live Help session yesterday, and I was told that if a buyer pays via money order he or she is not covered under the buyer protection policy? Why is that? I mean, if the person sends an MO w/delivery conf. to the seller, it shouldn't be an issue right? Thanks!
  2. I could be wrong but I think it's because MO's and personal checks are not considered forms of payment provided by Paypal. Only CC's and e-checks are protected. You could go to the Paypal website and do a search on it.:hrmm:
  3. Probably because eBay/Paypal don't get a cut of it.
  4. EXACTLY what I was thinking....
  5. I don't think eBay offers any buyer protection anymore, only dispute resolution. You can get the paypal buyer protection if you pay with paypal.
  6. Because there's no way to trace the funds electronically, you can send with delivery confirmation but where's the proof that there was anything in the envelope, or that the money order was cashed by the other person?
  7. Bagatella,
    Since eBay and Paypal is under one company umbrella, they would cover it if 2 parties doesnot fulfill responsibility either way. You can see that if you are a seller, once after your buyer send payment to you, you account automatically shows that you need to ship that particular item you sold. IT proves eBay and Payapal database is linked live.
    Using MO, there is no control of eBay and they don't know when the MO arrives and thus eBay doesnot have the protection for you.

  8. Thank you all for your insights! I guess I will be switching to a Paypal only policy now!
  9. You can check if a money order has been cashed if you have the money order #.