Why is patina seen as a good thing?

  1. Why is a dark patina seen as a good thing when everything I have read says it is from oil off of hands...sounds kind of gross.

  2. The patina that most people strive for is the golden brown one not the dirty black one.
    Patina is not only made up of the hand's oil's, another essential part is the sun which ultimately give it a tan.:flowers:
  3. it gives your bag character and and individualistic style. you patina differs from another person, i love patina, it is like your purse's life, from young (light) to old (dark brown)
  4. Not only does patina give each bag its own character, it also protects it from water spots. The other day it was misting. I walked to my car with my mono speedy, and there was not a water spot on it. The patina protected the leather. I am not suggesting that you take a bag out in a down pour, but patina does help in some instances.
  5. I don´t like it but its starting to grow on me...
    besides you can easily spot a fake! most of them dont develop patina but some of they can! they are getting better...
  6. I like a light patina as well... it gives the bag some warmth, and avoids that pale look that a lot of the fakes have! I also like how it softens up the handles a bit so they're more flexible.
  7. [​IMG] I prefer this compared to: [​IMG]
  8. Sophia,
    Beautiful patina! That golden honey color is my absolute fave! I can't wait for mine to be that color!
  9. i adore the patina, i cant STAND the new leather. eek.
  10. I don't have a lot of patina on my LVs because they are all pretty new, but I'm going to welcome it when it's here and enjoy every step of the process.
  11. Sophia, I see why you like it...that looks very nice!
  12. aw thanks LVlovingteacher, i hope you come to like patina. ^_^

  13. :huh:o:huh:o...the patina looks great!! how "old" is your speedy in that pic?
  14. lol dont laugh but 8 months. going to taiwan really helped the patina.
  15. patina is a leathers natural stage, i LOVE it!!!! seeing an LV without patina is like seeing the statue of liberty without the green (literally)or Mischa Barton without a chanel....