Why is patience overlooked when it comes to Balenciaga?!

  1. I have been on edge ever since I found out my newest edition (Black Brief) was posted to me...

    Of course, it was posted on a Friday - so the weekend hit and she would have sat in the post office looking pretty for 2 days... then we had a public holiday here yesterday (Melbourne Cup) theres another day of no postage operation...

    So now, I sit here, anticipating the arrival of my new beauty and I have noooo clue when she will arrive (coming from the UK to OZ)

    Is it abnormal to get this anxious about the arrival of a new Bal, or can you relate...?

    Perhaps it's because I havent had a new one for a while so I'm hanging to have that Balenciaga leather squished in my hands!

    Whatever the case... I'M DYING OVER HERE!! :death:
  2. Absolutely normal! I am anxious and excited and beyond impatient every time I get a bag.
  3. i can totally feel your pain. to me, these feelings are normal (?!).
  4. Haha, glad I'm not a psycho then!

    I'm just itching to see it!
  5. I know you wait ever so patiently in selecting each and every one of your Bbags! This is the fun part. You've made your careful selection and she is on the way!!! I still haven't got my SGH Jaune Envelope Clutch yet and I am starting to freak out. It's been over 2 weeks. A Bbag has never taken this long to get to me - not even a super heavy Work bag!!! What's going on?
  6. Hey, I'm waiting 10 days now.......... it's hard!!!
  7. That is quite a while... it wouldnt have been stuck in customs would it? Anything valued under AU$1000 doesnt get charged...

    Do you have a tracking number? Try and make a call over here to see where it is!