Why is one never enough?

  1. I lust over a bag, obsessing about it until I own it - for example the oak Bayswater. To me, it was the perfect, archetypal Mulberry bag. I bought one, but I'm still not satisfied - I'm thinking about other Mulberry bags to buy. So why is one never enough? :shrugs:

  2. I think it's a bit like opening a box of chocolates - you say you're only going to eat one and before you know it you've eaten the whole box and you start feeling a bit sick!!!!
    It's also known as an addiction and on this forum there are plenty of friends to fuel that!!!

  3. So pleased others feel like this.Mulberry have such great bags how can we resist!!!!!
  4. So true... :girlsigh:
  5. EVery bag I buy, I say this is it!!! hahahahaha
    What a joke!! It's called being a bagaholic!!
  6. But, how much do you love your oak Bayswater?????????????
  7. I love it to bits :heart: I'm too scared to use it in this foul weather tho, hence my desire for another bag...
  8. yup- I now have 3 and each time I've promised DH that i would be satisfied with my lot - but I'm still wanting more!!!! Can't put my finger on why- I s'pose I'm still after that PERFECT bag that Im not sure exists. For example I love my Antony but looks silly as a shoulder bag and not big enough to carry my agenda. Love my Annie but wish i could wear her across body if needed. Will love my bayswater when I eventually get to use her but I'm sure I'll find her heavy as I'll be tempted to fill the bag! Every bag is great in certain aspects but doesn't 'do' everything BUT I don't think my perfect bag exists!!! The endless search......
    I just love the Mulberry leather and styles so I'll just keep lusting after THE bag that probably doesn't exist.
    I'm waffling now so will shut up!
  9. Jo, I think you've hit the nail on the head! This is why I am still searching - I am looking for the perfect bag that is neither too big nor too small, light but sturdy and goes with everything I wear!

  10. Maybe that perfect bag doesn't exist, hence they keep us hooked!! All the designers have a conspiracy going!!

    Maybe the perfect bag is Annie????
    I know one thing, I don't like changing bags!!! Too lazy!
  11. :girlsigh: Is it out there??????????????????????????????????????????
  12. I've been on a quest for the Holy Grail - my perfect bag - for many years! I've walked hundreds of miles (around shops) & travelled far and wide (lots of shops!) but still haven't found it.
    I'm now convinced it doesn't exist which is why one is never enough. One bag can't do everything. What bag can be a messenger, hand held or shoulder bag, be smart yet casual, a colour to go with everything, a leather that is great in summer or winter, a day and evening bag?? No chance, which is why any sensible girl needs plenty of bags!
    I've now taken a scientific approach to my bag collection and I'm adding bags in different shapes and different colours so I will, eventually, cover the spectrum.
    Also, let's be honest, one bag would be SO BLOODY BORING!
  13. I would love just one 'signature' bag that does it all !! fat chance!
  14. There is'nt a perfect bag,just a perfect excuse to keep buying!!! Us women have an inner magpie that will not be ignored,try it and you think you will have been succesful. Then it starts on shoes,make-up,clothes and you have'nt bought a bag in ages. Then,you think,'oh,I could do with another bag,and I've been really good for ages!'.Its just that your inner magpie who got all devious on you and will not be ignored got you to buy something else instead!! I made good freinds with my magpie a little while ago,we don't fight anymore.His names Fred and we own lots of bags and everything else that takes his eye!!!!!
  15. Ha ha, love it Chaz :lol:

    I guess I'm too much of a fickle Gemini to be satisfied by the mythical 'one bag that will do everything', even if it existed.