Why is Neiman Marcus cancelling orders???

  1. (Because they feel like it?)

    My 2-week-old order was recently cancelled--they weren't even sale items--and when I spoke to an online rep, this is what I got:

    ME: Hi, Could you please tell me why this order was cancelled?
    Aymee McKenna: Thank you for contacting us regarding the letter you recently received. We have forwarded your communication to Michael Rollins, manager of our Executive Services Department. You will receive a response within one business day.
    ME: What letter did I recently receive? I didn't get anything
    Aymee McKenna: Please note that this letter is on the way to you. It will be received shortly. This will have the reason that the order was cancelled.
    ME: Can you provide information now as to why it was cancelled?
    Aymee McKenna: We do apologize, however, we do not have additional information on the cancellation of your order available. Please allow this letter to be received for additional information.

    Has this happened to anyone else?

    P.S. In response to a complaint letter I wrote last month to Terry Gradidge (VP customer service) regarding several incorrect or worn items they sent me, I was mailed a regular envelope with a SmartLabel, no note. HA.
  2. This sounds very bizarre. It sounds like they may have had a processing issue or shipping/computer glitch and the orders didn't go through so they sent a mass form letter. Please let us know what happened. Now I am curious....
  3. Sounds like you were talking to a computer, lol! I d i o t s.
  4. Last time that happened to me I had used a bad cc. I think it was at its limit :tdown: It was cancelled and i didn't realize card was no good. It happens, lol
  5. You would think they would have contacted you. Guess they feel they don't need to show customer loyalty since they are so exclusive.
  6. I have had this happen 5 times on differnt items..
    There stock/inventory is always wrong !!!
    I complained to Neimans and I got a 30% of a new order coming because of it.
    Complain to a manger...
  7. Have you purchased and returned there recently? I may have an answer for you. :smile:
  8. Curious, because although I have never had an ordered canceled like that I do return a lot.
  9. B. Jara - Are you saying that Neimans' won't sell to people who return merchandise? That would be insane!
  10. I hate their website. I have never been able to order something without some sort of glitch every time!
  11. I have ordered my fair share of bags on NM.com. Some I kept, some I didn't, just because I didn't care for them once I got them in my hands. I never had a problem, they returned them at CS no problem.

    That is, until I ordered a bag ($1000+) that came clearly used. I felt sick. I contacted them via phone immediately upon receipt. They were very apologetic and told me to tell the return dept. at the store where I was returning the problem, so that I could get my shipping refunded as well. No problems there either, return went without a hitch.

    Fast forward to a few months later and I placed another order. A few days went by, and I went online to check the status and get shipping info. It said order was cancelled. I called to find out why, as the item was still showing available. I was transferred to someone (may have been Terry? It was a higher up) and was told that our "relationship" was not beneficial to them. It seemed that I was too difficult for them to please, so they cancelled the order! :cursing: I told them about the used bag issue, and he did not seem to care one bit. He told me that they had ALREADY sent a letter regarding the issue restating what he told me on the phone. I didn't receive it for nearly 4 weeks later. :tdown:

    This was probably about six months ago. I was so ticked off, I hadn't ordered anything since that last incident. A month or so ago I received another letter, telling me that they had canceled my NM charge, and would no longer accept any returns from me. WTH? I was LIVID! I felt they were treating me like a criminal because they couldn't control the quality control of their online orders. :confused1:

    So beware....this seems to be their way of skirting the issue of defective items.

    Adios, NM, I have and will continue to spend my money elsewhere. :okay:

    PS...they apparently also took me off of their email list. :confused1:

    The whole deal was really strange.
  12. Actually, an article I read on AOL's homepage after Christmas regarding holiday returns explains it pretty well. Stores can do this.


    Honestly, I don't blame retailers for having policies like this in effect. My issue with NM is they sent me a USED bag, and then punished me for it. :rant::rant:
  13. ^
    B Jara, I think you've explained my situation. I've returned almost everything, literally half of which have been wrong or defective items.

    :wtf: I've been blacklisted for the first time.
  14. But thank goodness for Revolve Clothing and Nordstrom! I love them even more now... :tup:
  15. Exactly! May NM just put themselves out of business. :roflmfao:

    However, shame on them for making us the villians when they can't get their
    act together!