Why is Nana so popular? Current stance on them?


Aug 3, 2020
I've been searching for a while now and already have a decent list but I've always seen nana pop up now and then.
I checked them out in gangnam unnie and saw mostly ba reviews, really liked their des but felt like their noses were too small.

Saw tons of threads on here but rarely any b&a (if you found one pls link).
Why are they so popular here in ps? Current stance on them? Are they a private clinic or more like a factory hospital? Have they become too crowded like other clinics to the point it's hard to get a consultation? What procedure are they known for? What is their style for rhinoplasty and des (natural or dolly)? I prefer something in between natural and dolly.
May 14, 2020
As what I've learnt, they have many doctors but I dont really know who is specialist for nose, eyes, etc. As what I know, their head surgeon dr Hwang is good at breasts augmentation
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