Why is my spy blushing? Did I embarrass it?

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  1. So, I was wondering what causes some darker fendi spys to blush (develop a lighter color in some areas). I've seen so many others that haven't. Is it just that the others are kept in dustbags 90% of the time? Is blushing just from normal wear or is it a flaw in the leather? Will my entire bag change colors?! Is there a way to prevent this but still use the bag often? I love the look, but don't want it to keep blushing, because that would be too much of a good thing! Thanks so much girls!!!
  2. Fading does occur on the older spys, Fendi was getting a lot of complaints about the colour fading so they now "treat" all new spy bags, they will still fade a little in time but not like they did. Some colours are worse than others Cognac being one of them, but new Cognac are OK as now been teated. I think hot sun is one way the colour fades, do not think you can do anything about it.
  3. Thanks for the explanation! Do you think there's anything I could put on mine to keep it from fading more? Would Fendi put the new treatment on it if I sent it into the company? I don't have much experience with fendi customer support. Thanks!
  4. I bought Coach leather conditioner and put it on my cognac Spy, but it didn't really help. It looked good for about two minutes until it dried. My cognac Spy looks like it has chronic dry skin.
  5. I do not know, you could ask them. you need Greendrv she will know as she is brilliant on all spy questions
  6. haha:roflmfao: Okay...not really funny, but quite humorous! I will avoid the coach cleaner! Hopefully Fendi can do something or Greendrv can offer some great advice!
  7. Is the coach cleaner bad for the spy leather?
  8. I'm afraid that at the moment, there isn't anything that can be done to prevent blushing on older Spy bags. A friend of mine has sent hers in to FENDI ROME for restoration and is still waiting to see if there are any results. I'll keep you all updated.
  9. I have a chocolate brown Spy that I do not wear too often and it is doing the same thing. I'm not happy about it either.:cursing:
  10. Greendrv, please keep us updated. I called my local Fendi store today and they said they would touch it up for free if I bought it there in the past year(not my situation, but maybe someone elses). They told me since that wasn''t my case, I could send it in to Fendi and they would touch it up for a charge...so I''m interested to see how the other one you mentioned comes out before I do that. They also said that the blush is inherent to the vintage look and it would continue to blush after it was touched up...I''m figuring there must be something I could put on it to protect it from the elements which make it blush...but picking the wrong thing would be an expensive mistake!!! All this money, you would think the bag would keep its color! Hopefully it will stop blushing at some point and the whole bag won''t be that color!