Why is my bow so short and squished??


Oct 17, 2007
Toronto, Canada
I just got my first bow from ebay. It's supposedly a Saks display model (card says it's from 2007).

I love it and I'm pretty sure it's real but when I looked though pictures of other people and their bows..mine looks so short and squished and more like a satchel but other's look a lilttle like a tote and bigger?

What's wrong with mine? Is there any difference in size between 2007's and 2008's?? Maybe just the way the handle is connected makes it look squished when I hold it. Are 2007's constructed differently?

Mine measures abpout 14.5"long across the BOTTOM and about 10" tall when the flap is a little folded. Is that the correct measurement for the MEDIUM bow satchel or did I accidently get the SMALL? : (

Sorry for borrowing but here are some pics to compare people's "taller" ones to my short squishy one.

Mine are the last 2 pics (Sughero). Please tell me mine's not fake!!



loves pink!!!
Jan 26, 2007
Ha ha the first pic is mine! I honestly don't know, I thought they were all the same size. Maybe it has to do with how much are in the bags?
Feb 5, 2008
I think it depends on the leather of the bag and MOSTLY on what you carry in your bag and how heavy your belongings are. That definitely makes the bag weigh down more.


Dec 26, 2007
Contrary to popular belief, the bow comes in 3 sizes.

1) Small
2) Medium: Most popular size, most easily available.
3) Tall: Longer height wise.

The small bow is a lot harder to find. I remember debating buying the small version in cream but decided to purchase the medium bows in pink and cream instead.

The price difference is around $50 but that was around 1 plus year ago. May I ask how much you paid? the bow is not readily available at Saks stores now although I've spotted both the medium and small versions recently at the outlet stores.

Please post your pictures in the Authenticate thread. I'm not an expert but Miu2 and Rosemary are.

But yes, you bow does look like the small version to me. :yes:


Oct 17, 2007
Toronto, Canada
Oh no! Does anyone have the dimensions for the medium and exactly how to measure it?

Well mine's from ebay so I paid around $800. The Saks price tag says it's $1155 which I think is the price of the medium. Oh I'm so confused!!