why is market place locked?

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  1. market place and blogs are locked to me. why? is it locked for anyone else?
  2. Read "changes in the marketplace" thread at the top of general discussion. You have to have been here awhile.
  3. it's locked for me too. don't know why.
  4. booo i think that sucks... i understand the not being able to sell unless you've been here for a mo and had 75 postings but why not being able to browse? if the seller doesnt want to sell to newbies he/she doesnt have to...
  5. thanks danica. So, i guess i can't lurk that much anymore :smile: oh well.
    and ally, ita with you! why can't we browse!?
  6. ok, i see why now.
  7. ^ Its probably just easier for the Mods that way. Because if you can get in there, then you can post. I'm just assuming that's why. Just keep on posting and you'll be there in no time! ;)
  8. before today i could get in there but i couldnt post. i tried posting these jeans i want to sell but it said i wasnt eligible to post.
  9. another 61 post and about 1/2 month to go ... haha
  10. ^^ i think it's 75 posts ;). and you've been here since march and it's already may so you just need 36 more posts!
  11. well i will just add another post here too - need to make up my 75 post (having withdrawal syptoms!)

  12. If you would read the thread about the new Marketplace rules, you would see it is because some who were not eligible to post, were trying to circumvent that by PMing people.
  13. Why does this subject repeatedly keep coming up?
  14. Hm I bet we get a lot of idle chat soon LOL.
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