Why is LV tormenting me with the new hot pink epi color?

  1. I need a new wallet last spring and wanted the zippy organizer in epi but none of the colors appealed to me. I ended up getting a full price Marc Jacobs Zip Clutch, which is a a great wallet in a color I love.

    NOW there's a pink epi??

    I'm almost tempted to get it............
  2. I didn't notice there's a PINK epi.. Can't find it on the LV US website too. Do you have any pictures? I am a PINK LOVER too! :biggrin:
  3. I've never ever heard of or seen a 'pink epi' before... PICS PLEASE
  4. Do you mean the new Grenade color??
  5. PINK EPI?! Did you say PINK EPI?! :nuts:
  6. Haha everyone- I think she means the new grenade color since it looks kind of pinkish. :yes:
  7. oh I'm dying to see one
  8. It's a beautiful color!
  9. anyone have pics???
  10. i wanna see too!! =D
  11. <---- Do you mean like that one on the left, on my avatar? If so, that's the Grenade.
  12. i know the new pink/pomegranate/grenade colour is to die for! i thought i was able to move past the epi line without wanting a piece or two, because of the lack of colours i like, now i'm dying for something- ANYTHING from epi in that colour

    so don't worry, you are not the only one who is being tortured by LV!
  13. It GORGOUS!!!
    I love this color and know my wallet is going to feel this one :p
  14. I do mean the grenade, sorry I should have included the correct name, is the color not very pink IRL?
  15. oh, someone please post pics.