Why is Kelly so much harder to get than birkin?


May 26, 2011
I am not sure whether kelly is harder to come by or not. But in the US, 30 is def harder to get than 35. My SA told me they only receive a few 30b in a year, but a lot(compared to 30) 35. Also, 28k is also rare.


Jan 17, 2009
true for the americas not for europe i think its the way they buy. that said the kelly is having a major comeback and selliers are very hard and expensive to make so much so that like the constance it will be made mostly in exotics also trends favor the kelly so at the moment you are looking for the harder to locate hermes super bag odd right !!!!! but thats H.

in all honesty 30cm is a mystery because it is mostly directed to asian markets i very much adore 30cm but for some reason 35cm is always much more available and lately 40cm is having its moment this to me is H pushing boundaries but mostly being smart about the markets and the particular needs of each region. hope it helps doll but you should now kelly production is slow at the momment !!!!


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Mar 23, 2008
I guess it's got to with something like this; when it's difficult to get a Birkin, people go for another type of bags -> Birkins are not that coveted anymore -> then those other bags became difficult to get as well, since there's more people trying to buy them -> now more Birkins available :biggrin:

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Jan 26, 2012
Thank you girls! I live in the US and hardly spot a Kelly, the only one I saw was a 40 I think since early 2011. Store manager said she did order Kelly, but it just never came! Now I m being offer a ultra violet B 35 and 30 in gold hardware. I have a 35 in dark and a 30 in bright, and honestly speaking I found 35 is kind of heavy after filling up the everyday stuff in. But afraid 30 will look small in dark color, what do you think? I m more toward 30, but afraid it is too elegant for casual wear! Am I thinking too much?