Why Is It?

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  1. Why is it every time you try to get your body in shape and cut back or cut out certain foods, your mind and body wants it?

    Trying to get my weight under control before (already there) it goes above and beyond. No matter what I do, personal trainer/exercise, JC, or WW, I always feel like I'm missing something to eat and keep thinking about it. This always happens when I am determined to get myself together. If I'm not on a body/mind makeover, the same things I see I don't want or crave them.

    This is brutal...
  2. I find if I don't cut out my treats completely I do better. I have a sweet tooth for sour candy. So when I buy a bag, I put a handful into a ziploc and then allow myself a small controlled portion to keep me from binging. I'm not an all or nothing girl :biggrin:

  3. Later on I will incorporate junk food snacks, but for right now, it's better I not indulge. I've eaten three meals and two snacks, more than I eat when I'm not trying to do the right thing, and I still feel like I want something else. It is always like that. I'll see a commercial for cupcakes and want them and I hate cupcakes. Crazy, lol.
  4. Are you drinking enough? I can satisfy mine w/ sugar free gum and sugar lifesavers to suck on sometimes too. Or stevia sweetened green tea {no sugar}.
  5. For a cupcake craving, I would eat oatmeal for breakfast. I add fruit, nuts, milk and sweetener. Tomorrow morning I will have Strawberry Shortcake Oatmeal! :smile: Even 1/3 cup makes a huge portion and I don't feel like I'm missing out on cake or pie.

    For a sour candy craving, I would drink sweetened herbal tea. Tangerine Orange Zinger is my favorite, I think. Or I would make lemonade from lemon juice, sweetener and ice. No, wait, that's my margarita substitute. :P

    I try to make substitute lower calorie or healthier foods for everything I crave. It gets really bad if I ignore my cravings, so I try to address them with a healthier alternative.

    (I limit the sweetener intake per day. And I'm off the diet coke, so the intake has gone done.)

  6. Lots of water, and tea. Will have to try the gum. Cutting back on sugar. Was recently told I'm borderline diabetic, but think that came from the mints I ate before blood work. But, have to really get myself in gear and reduce the weight. Diabetes is not a path I intend on willingly walking. I have never been a heavy eater, but getting older and the weight no longer comes off like magic and I'm stressed about certain things for a very long time. These play major factors in health.

  7. No cupcake cravings here. I detest oatmeal unless it is in the form of a cookie. Reducing sugar intake for the time being, and not comfortable with artificial sweeteners. I have never used them.
  8. OK, let me try again. Commercial for cupcakes = sweetened cardboard + whipped glue = blech!

    What else?

    Have you ever driven by a dog food factory? Smells a lot like fried food.

    Maybe negative associations would help.

    I don't get tempted by commercials anymore, because I analyze the food in terms of nutrition content and then they become unappetizing.

    I like the food I make much better. Maybe you need to come up with some tasty recipes. If everything you eat is boring, you may just need some entertainment for your taste buds. Then you might not feel deprived.

    We are discussing recipes in the 2014 fitness support thread. You can get some food ideas there.

  9. Okay, will take a look at the fitness thread. Just my third day and haven't eaten the same thing twice. I think it's a matter of wrapping my head around doing this and focusing on it. Thank you for the suggestions.

    I honestly don't know how models do whatever they do to stay a size 00 or size 3.

    I always think of the movie a The Devil Wears Prada, and Emily dieted because she wanted to get to fashion week in Paris. She told Andy (Anne Hataway) she was on a new diet where you eat nothing and when you feel like you're about to pass out, you eat/nibble on a piece of cheese.
  10. Try stevia as a sweetener, it's NOT artificial, comes from the stevia plant.

    Good for you for making changes! 2-3 weeks of it and the cravings should be gone.

  11. Will give it a try. Thank you for the encouraging words.

    2-3 weeks sounds like the distance to the moon, but this has to be done whether I like it or not. Also tired of my clothes rotting on hangers because I can't get into them comfortably. If I'm uncomfortable in anything, I will not wear it.
  12. One day at a time, you can do that! It takes that long to change a habit, I think your cravings will go away sooner.
  13. Swanky is right, if you have never made it past 2-3 weeks without junk food then that's your answer. The first week of starting a new plan is brutal! I complained, I begged my bf to order me pizza, you name it. 2nd week rolled in (and I lost lbs) and it was sooo much easier, and now I don't think about junk food.

  14. Have gone 2-3 weeks w/out junk food before but that too seems like many moons ago.

    DH has a few slices of pizza in fridge now. Not good. Love carbs. Don't get an abundance of it but love it. That is always one of the first things to be cut back along with sugar.

    Remember having a PT who was also a nutritionist and a figure competitor. When she gave me the meal plan that was to stick to with a cheat day, thought she was bonkers. After a month made drastic strides but also remember a cheat day where I had mashed potatoes, pork chops and spinach. Those mashed potatoes were like water to a dying man in the desert. That was many years ago, but I still remember that feeling. Lol.
  15. lol! I understand! I cut carbs out for a couple of days once in a while and I eat very few/day now, I think it's why I crave sour candy so much. But I was never a big bread or pasta eater so in some ways it's an easy diet for me. I do eat veggies before anyone slaps me :biggrin:
    BUt I definitely understand those cravings especially when you know you can't have it.
    I eat pizza with my family when they want it, but I drag all the toppings off one piece and stack it on another, then I have only the bread from one piece of pizza but all the extra toppings that aren't white carbs and I am not missing out.