Why is it the bigger the bag the more stuff I seem to put in?

  1. :amazed: It seems like my pocketbook takes on a life of its own and grows. When I carry a bigger bag I seem to acquire all this stuff in it:wacko: . I don't know how I do it. When I clean my bag to change bags I wonder why I have this or that in my bag. :lol: Then if I use a smaller bag I am quite happy with a wallet, cell phone, keys, small medicine bag and pen and small pad and happy as can be. I am now drawn to smaller bags just for the comfort of not having a heavy bag. This week I am carrying my Fendi Chef bag around and it is a very comfortable bag to have, I love the shoulder strap and the size is bigger than one would think-you can put a ton of stuff in there but I am keeping mine organized with just what I need. :nuts: My friends and I have talked about this, I find with kids I do all some strange things to my bags but I wonder if others do this.:amazed:
  2. I think that just the rule of a big bag.
  3. LOL! I always wondered that myself! Its like the mystery of the clothes dryer and the disapearing socks!ONE WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND!!
    My bags keep getting bigger..NOT GOOD! But as my kids get older..hopefully they will go down in size!!
  4. Hehe, I think its just because I can?! Who knows...!
    But then, I also feel sort of silly carrying a larger bag when all I need with me is my wallet, keys, phone and another thing or two.
  5. I sold my BIG pocket Paddington to a fellow PFer because when I put all my stuff inside it was still empty! So there seems to be some unspoken rule of the universe that a big bag is simply a bag waiting for MORE stuff. My City was pretty bare at first, but it seems to keep filling up with more things...bank receipts, books, mail, etc. "Stuff" expands to fill the contents of whatever bag it is in, I guess.
  6. I carry small bags now. I used to fill them up with anything just to make a larger bag look filled. I am much happier knowing I don't carry junk in my bag. A friend of mine evens purchases things like large bottles of aspirin, full size hair brush, books, and a large wallet. We laugh because I ask if the travel size aspirin, smaller brush, and since you don't carry checks and only 3 cc's if the small wallet would do. Her reply, my bag would look empty lol.
  7. I always carry a big bag (just mad about big purses, not because I have to) and it usually contains the same items, but when I go out shopping, doing errands, etc. (I'm always with my 4 yr old) I come home with a bunch of miscellaneous stuff in my purse. I think it's because I can (lots of room) and also because, when you constantly have to be moving or always on the go, it's a safe place to store stuff so it won't get lost and at the same time accessible. Ever since I had my son, my purse is constantly stuffed by the time I get home.
  8. My daughter is an adult..and my bags are bigger than they ever were!

  9. LOL! ^^^Thats not very encouraging..I was kind of hoping they would start getting smaller!!! *Crossing my fingers!!**
  10. lol, I guess given the option that more stuff can fit it's tempting to put more in.
  11. You know how us gals are like. We'd be perfectly happy with a teeny bag with just the essentials ($, ID, keys, lipgloss), but since we've got room in a big bag, we play the "What-if" game.

    hmm... what if I decide to organize all my receipts while waiting in the car? OK, I'll bring all of this month's receipts.

    hmm.... what if I'm stuck somewhere and I get really thirsty? Ok, I'll bring this bottle of water. I can save 1 whole dollar this way!

    hmm... what if I break a nail while shopping? Ok, I'll bring this miniature manicure set.
  12. This is the exact reason why I prefer small to medium sized bags. The bigger the bag, the more I jam into it, the harder it is to find things.
  13. If I have a small bag, I'll constantly be cleaning it out to make more room. But if I have a big bag, why bother?
  14. i asked myself that same question as i was switching bags the other day. it was like i was looking for things to put in the bag.
  15. This is sooo ironic! I just asked myself this morning why I purchased a Speedy 30 instead of a 25. I have managed to jam all sorts of stuff into my Speedy (partly so it looks fuller and it doesn't sag).

    Just like you, gillianna, I have a Fendi Chef Bag that I love. I think I'll switch back to the Fendi bag tomorrow. I'm becoming a pack rat