Why is it that...

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  1. I obsess over a bag, obsess over it, obsess over it, keep checking tpf and LV.com and YouTube videos to see the reviews. Decide to buy it. Buy it. And then find some other bag to obsess over. Do you guys ever feel that way?
  2. you are in a materialist trap.

    better think a lot more times about your purchase, do you really need this purchase
  3. For sure its a materialistic obsession.
  4. Don't worry, it happens to me too. I know there's other things I could spend the money on instead. What I try to do is limit myself an annual budget, if I reach my budget within a month, than nothing else for the rest of year. This makes me think a bit more what I truly want/love.

    For me, my budget is 5k a year. I already bought a twist this year, so i really have to think what's my next purchase is before I purge. If I really want something out of my budget, I will have to sell an existing bag and convincing myself the new bag is a lot better. Thus, it helps you stay in your budget also limit impulse purchase. :smile:
  5. Thank you for the response :smile: This year I am dead set against a family vacation because I paid for two expensive ones that was just WORK (I have small children). I needed a vacation to recover from those vacations! So this year my vacation budget is going towards bags. Which exacerbated the obsession lol.
  6. I have been feeling the EXACT same way recently. My fiancé is getting me a bag for graduation, and I've wanted the Artsy for a couple years. Somewhere down the line I decided I wanted the Alma PM in Amarante Vernis...then I started seeing really beat up Almas for sale online every time I would google the image, and made me scared the bag doesn't age well.
    So I thought the BB looked better because the leather vs. hardware is more proportionate. Saw BOTH bags (PM and BB) and defiantly thought I was sold on the BB.
    But I recently saw someone with the Artsy and now I've changed my mind again and think I will use this more (it was my first love)...I think I'm crazy, but convincing myself that I'm smart to do all the contemplating before I buy.
  7. I get what your saying about it being exhausting vacationing with your children. My husband and I make it a point to go on a vacation atleast once(and more) a year by ourselves. It's such a need and it re charges us plus it revitalizes our marriage, the escape, winding down, not thinking about "home"... I love that time we share. I know I got off point but I just needed to chime in about your comment about vaca with kids... My joke is " I spend everyday with them I go away to get away from them" I would never let them hear me say that though...
  8. I tell myself it's in my nature because of evolution - we're hunter/gatherers, right? :lol:
  9. Oh it happens to me too so you're definitely not alone. In fact, a week after I got my latest bag, I was already thinking of my next purchase. Then I stopped and asked myself "do I REALLY need to get another bag?" Of course the answer was NO but I think that once you get on a roll you just want to keep on going. Don't worry, it will pass or at least for me it did. I just had to rationalize the desire away.:P
  10. it's the high of the chase. once you conquered, you want to start the cycle again with another piece. been there done that, now I'm more focus on saving more on trips than handbags.
  11. :woohoo::lolots::woohoo:
    Well said!! And what marvelous prey we have to stalk!!
  12. I love what you said. Going away with the hubby is important and although we haven't been able to do it yet, we make a point of going out together for dinner or drinks or just a long drive to escape for a little while and have some adult time. Those moments mean a lot.
  13. "Rationalize the desire away" - that's gonna be my new mantra!!
  14. Omg that's me!! I can't just walk in and buy whatever i want so I have to carefully contemplate each purchase. And with so many beauties to chose from, it's not easy to decide. I am obsessing over the artsy even after reading up on so many complaints. It's artsy vs speedy 30 now. Even tho I dislike unstructured bags. It makes zero sense. But every time I see someone with one of these bags, I think I would like one. And then start another internal debate...
  15. It means you're not authentically enjoying any bag. It's about the high of shopping, not taking pleasure in a specific bag that will make your day better. Slow the heck down.