Why is it that

  1. louis vuitton has to be the most replicated? I bet louis is rolling around in his grave. Its so sad!!
  2. I think it's the logos for the most part. It's been around for a while and it equates to $$$ because LV isn't cheap. There are people who want it, but at a" lower price".:sneaky:
  3. That's kind of sad though isnt it? I guess I could understand that if they cant afford it, they still want it so people buy the closest thing they can.
  4. Yep, because of the logos and because they're prominent in music videos/movies/tv, whether they're fake or not. People just recognize the logo, then see the same thing on some street vendor's cart and think that they're equal to the real ones. But in some cases, I don't even think people KNOW that there are authentic bags because they aren't interested in the company at all.
  5. thats true. When I first go into louis vuitton, I bought a bag off eBay and after doing some research, realized it was fake and was really mad. This forum has taught me sooooo much. I became a lot smarter and vowed never to buy a fake bag again. I gave the bag to my mom then bought her a real dooney and bourke that she really wanted instead :smile:
  6. I believe Louis was rolling around while he was still alive because LV was being copied even then. May be the reason the monogram line was created as the Damier trunk was being "cloned". I think I read this somewhere - but don't quote me....
  7. Yes originally the damier was being replicated so they created monogram, but now haha damier isnt NEARLY as replicated as mono!!!!
  8. I agree that it's very recognizable. Actually I was watching oprah when Marc Jacobs was being interviewed, and Oprah asked him what he felt about the replicas, and he replied that he was flattered by them. I was shocked that he had such a positive attitude about it.
  9. I think it's pretty much just for show for others you know? People who wear the logo'ed LV bags that are fake like the attention that they get and the stares of people contemplating if it's real or not. Idk, but replicas are getting rediculously expensive especially since they are just replicas..I was on ioffer a little while ago looking through all the fake bags (NOT ONE REAL BAG) and people wanted $500 for bags that they admitted where fake!! OMG, some people have no shame!! :cursing: And they dont even look like the real ones.
  10. thats dumb, why spend 500 dollars on a fake? why not spend a little more and get a real one, or even get the pochette. Theres a lot of things you can get for under 500 dollars geez
  11. I have an even funnier observation - Do you ever think that because a girl/guy looks kinda 'colorfully urban', that when s/he wears LV on the street, your first reaction is to immediately dismiss their LV as being fake?

    That's usually my first reaction, as opposed to when I see...a 'classy, well-dressed' girl/guy. Although, I will say that I have caught the 'classy' people with fakes on more than one occassion.

    It's really hard not to think about it when you live NYC, since you see the hi's and lo's of all walks of life, fake & real bags up, down, left and right.

    Then again, I know it's totally shallow of me to think so, but the motto at the top of this forum affords me the right to be so :lol:
  12. look i quoted you! lol!
  13. Some people buy fakes because they do not want to spend a lot of money on the real ones! And some people buy fakes because they can't afford too, which I can kind of understand it even though I have never and will never purchase a fake designer bag! Others may also do it because they didn't realize it or they just don't really care! I have to say though that it does annoy me sometimes when I see all those fakes being carried around, I have seen enough to last me a life time! We are over saturated with them! I saw one the other day and it was an awful one at that but the girl carrying it didn't have a care in the world, she was hanging out with her friends carrying her fake a$$ bag! On a high note I saw the beautiful damier speedy 25 being carried at Costco last week! I kept trying to catch glimpses of it! lol
  14. Maybe people buy fakes because they can't afford it, or they just don't appreciate the beauty of the genuine stuff... yet.
  15. what? you give the bag to your mum? i've thrown it away, dump it into the trash. not only lv replicated, bottega veneta, hermes, balenciaga, mulberry, ysl muse, chanel, fendi, gucci, all replicated.:cursing: btw, what happen to the fake now?:confused1: