Why is it that...

  1. Why is it that when I search eBay.com I see COACH bags that are going for close to what the bag retails for when you could actually go buy it at your local COACH store... ?? Any one else notice this...? I just always see a lot of Carly's (for example) on eBay that go for really close to what you would pay for it in the store but for a BRAND new one... why? why would you pay that on eBay and not want a brand new bag? To be honest, I love the Carly and I would rather have a bag be brand new then to bid on it and pay almost close to retail than a used one... and a lot of the items you can still purchase at COACH.com or else in the local store (regular colors even, nothing that is sold out) :confused1: Any opinions?
  2. I am not sure.. I know that for some it may be convenience as well as they are still saving money and a lot of times even taking into account shipping you are saving because you have to factor in tax when you buy from coach. :shrugs:
  3. Yeah true field... I don't know... I guess I just don't get it though because even when you bid on ebay you have to pay a shipping fee as well... I guess maybe I'm weird to notice this... don't get me wrong, i have bought COACH items off of ebay, but never paid close to retail if I know I can get it online or in the stores... :s
  4. No, I totally agree with you, I don't think it's weird at all. I have bought nwt and used coach bags on ebay, always making sure I save... nwt I want to save atleast $30 or more to make it worth it to me. :yes: I don't have a boutique close by so either way I would have to wait for it to ship to me. I know I just sold my medium carly and I only used it for 2 weeks, not everyday and I sold it for $310 with shipping which is almost $70 in savings with tax. It was just like new.. that way I didn't lose a ton and someone got a good deal on a like new coach. :yes:
  5. I look for new bags on eBay all the time because if it's close to retail I'm still saving if shipping is reasonable because I don't have to pay tax. Tax is really high in my area.

    Right now I won't shop on eBay b/c PCE is right around the corner!
  6. Yeah I understand when you get a good deal on ebay, then its obviously fantastic to find COACH items on there, but when you pay close to full retail PLUS shipping... its just like... wow? really? you'd pay that much when you could get it brand new? i know for some ppl it is convenience because they may not have a COACH store close to them... but i guess i was just wondering ppl's opinions... i have always thought about this, just never expressed it on here... ;) i'm glad you were able to sell your carly, i do sell my bags on ebay once in awhile... i like to give ppl deals on my bags, especially when they have been gently used... but i also don't want to rip ppl off either...
  7. Whats the tax rate if you don't mind me asking IMA?
  8. With the high price of most Coach bags, tax really adds up so I guess people save some by purchasing from e-bay. Also others probably don't want to use their credit card online or through the phone (if a botique is not accessible). E-bay offers a lot more options for payment like Paypal, check or money order.
  9. ITA with what many of you said above. I also think some people just don't know how much certain bags actually retail for so they just bid blindly.
  10. yeah that is also true brand... i don't know, i guess there are so many ways to look at it... just thought i would get ppl's opinions and see if anyone thought along the same lines as myself... thanks for everyone's opinions! :flowers:
  11. some people are just far from a coach store. they aren't exactly everywhere..i am about 70 miles from a boutique and may factor in gas and time.
  12. Ebay is about getting a good deal. I love to buy items for 50% off the retail price.
  13. some people are from other countries that don't have coach stores or coach online. Also some people are probably banned from Coach or they refuse to shop there.