Why is it that when the UPS or FEDEX truck drives by....

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  1. You know I commute 45 minutes to work on a 2 lane highway. There are big rigs on this highway that cut in and out of the fast lane. I normally don't let these trucks in but I'm really nice to the FEDEX truck because my crap could be on that truck!
  2. I will be listening extra closely tomorrow as my new NEVERFULL MM is scheduled to arrive!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:
    Stalk the Fed Ex man!hehe! Love that guy! He always brings me such lovely things!hehehehehe.
    Will update you all!
  3. Yeah, but it would be nice for a Fed Ex to bust open and have all the handbags fall out all over the highway! Grab and run.hehe (kidding of course!)
  4. Now THAT is the funniest thing I've heard all day---and this place can be pretty damn funny at times!!! :lol: