Why is it that when the UPS or FEDEX truck drives by....

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  1. hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!! i soooo do this!
  2. I'm always happy when I hear the truck drive by. My dog, on the other hand, considers UPS and FedEx carriers these mysterious invaders and is puzzled as to why they visit our home so frequently. She can hear the diesel engine several blocks away; that's how I know they're in the area!:lol:
  3. Now I think every diesel engine I hear in my neighborhood is for me! the Water Department, the City trucks.....you name it. :winkiss:
  4. ROFLMAO! :roflmfao:

    My kids always ask "is it for me?" Uh, no nothing from Saks/Neimans/Nordies comes for you, it's for mommy.... I also notice my dogs & I will run to the door when we hear the glorious squeaking sound of a large truck. So glad to know I'm "normal"... at least here! :upsidedown:
  5. I used to always think this too! But I've down my shopping significantly, so there's rarely a package for me and I don't get that whiplash reaction when I see the truck.
  6. We are so silly! Why the heck do we do this? Like we are breaking the law getting our packages..I guess we are just trying to be cool and calm when inside we are giddy!!!!! Only 2 more days until my LV Monty comes, btw! I'm hoping it will be a day early. SOOO EXCITED!:woohoo:
  7. That is exactly why we do it!!! ^^
    Also maybe we would hug and squeeze the poor UPS man?! Which in my case wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing because he's a cutie :graucho:

    Congrats on the LV!!
  8. its called conditioning....
    repetitive handbag purchases = repetitive behavior....lol

    p.s. and doesn't the truck usually STOP at your house 9 out of 10 times ? lol
  9. I did this today when the fedex man drove into the parking lot... I was like :huh::huh: Coach!!! but I hadn't ordered anything hah!
  10. haha i always do this always!!!!
  11. That Is So True! Why is that? I swear I always thinks it's something for me and then I get a little let down if it's not! It's silly! But its comforting to hear that everyone else feels the same way...I'm sure we're all glad that we're all not the only ones!:upsidedown:
  12. Too funny! I think I have a package waiting for me now (shoes!) that I'll have to sneak in! I'm on my way to rush home now hoping I'll get home first!:ninja: If you sneek the package in, the purchase never happened, right?
  13. Right! :yes::yes::yes: - at least in my mind.....
  14. What package? ^^
  15. Hee Hee you have made me chuckle:graucho::P