Why is it that when the UPS or FEDEX truck drives by....

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  1. I think it's for me----even when I'm not expecting anything??!!!

    Like he's going to give me a box with the my bag du jour of the week
    just because he loves me? (well, he doesn't love me, but you know what I mean)

    Does anyone else do this.....or do I need to be medicated. :angel:
  2. totallly know what you mean? I always wonder if I ordered something that I forgot about, lol!
  3. always, even when i didnt buy anything. still hoping santa is coming, lol
  4. HAHA! This is too funny. I can hear those trucks a mile away and pretend I don't know they are coming up to the door. When they leave a package (if I don't have to sign), I wait until the coast is clear and open my front door to see that lovely brown box just GLEAMING...HAHAHHA. I bring it in, lay it on my kitchen counter and just get giddy like a kid on Christmas morning!!!!
    What a complete dork I am!
    LOVE THESE FED EX, UPS and USPS people. They make my day!!!!
    Humm..I think I hear that beautiful truck exhaust coming now..hahahha:lol:
  5. LOL!!!!! I'm sooooo happy I'm not the only one!! YAY!! this is fun! :wlae:
  6. This is hilarious! It's good to know that I'm not the only crazy person that does this!
  7. Yep I do the same exact thing! When I see them drive by I start thinking in my head if I have ordered anything. Even when I know I haven't I still hope they stop and give me a bag! LOL You are not the only crazy one!
  8. You ladies are not alone...
  9. I love it when I am home with my kids. When my husband is home I have to become a secret agent and sneak it in under camoflage...
  10. ahhh yes, shoeguru but that is a whole other thread in itself! :ninja::sneaky:
  11. I do the same thing! And then when it IS for me, I'll peek out the window to see if the coast is clear and then I'll pounce on the box waiting outside my door!
  12. Oh yeah, even when I see them on the freeway! LOL
    Thanks for starting this thread and letting us know we are NOT alone! :lol:
  13. I do this too...I hope maybe someone mailed me something special haha..
  14. That happened to me today! I saw the UPS truck and started to get excited...until I saw it go to my neighbor's house...:crybaby:

    I wasn't expecting anything either just thought for a moment it might be something I'd forgotten about! LOL

  15. Hee-hee---Your welcome--I am totally giggling reading all these posts.

    Some of you are talking about when you pounce on the package---I wait until he's in the truck driving away and around the corner! Like I'm embarrassed or something! LOL! then *swish* that package is in the house faster than you can say "free handbag" :sweatdrop: