Why is it that everytime I fall in love with a purse, it's a POPULAR one?

  1. so the neverfull has been growing on me because i love totes and i havent really payed attention to this bag...however ever since i've had an interest in it...i realize how popular it is and so i saw so many girls at my school who have it & at the mall also.. =( i mean i love this bag but HATE the fact that EVERYONE has it (such as the speedy but all LV lovers HAVE to have the speedy lol)....... i dont really know what to do....because as i love this bag, i would hate to be like everyone else you know what i mean? (with the exception of the speedy ) bughh....should i just wait to purchase this bag? dont know what to do...i tried finding another bag that i love but can't seem to find one right now in my budget that i like more right now than the neverfull...:cursing:
  2. i recoment the polermo you can get it in a gm or pm and it is a really cool and fun style whist being similar to the neverfull.
  3. Get the MOCA version- then you'll be different and you'll have your Neverfull :yes:
  4. I too would get the Palmero... it's a cute bag!

    Not really a fan of the Neverfull...
  5. AGREE!!
  6. Oh great idea! I 3rd that!
  7. Just get over the fact that it's a very popular bag, and then buy it. Great bag, quite youthful IMO.
  8. that's what i did :p
    i just got a compliment on my neverfull moca today.
  9. Just buy want you want.
    You won't see many ppl wearing it at the same day you wear though.
  10. Palermo is my vote, too. Plus, the zip top adds some security.
  11. don't let your purse define you! if you love it, then it shouldn't matter who else has it!
  12. I know what John is saying about the Neverfull. I was not a fan, then I got one and this is the kind of purse that "to use it, is to love it." It is a wonderful bag. You should definately get it.
  13. ^ITA! When I first saw it, I thought nothing of it. But then I tried it on and it was love! It's so comfy and easy to carry! :tup:
  14. I like it too but I cant bring myself to buy it because its about 90% the same as my Longchamp le pliage shopping tote that I use for school ...skinny leather straps...slouchy body...simple design...lightweight....I cant!! :smile:
  15. Buy MOCA neverfull,this one would be special and not so "hot"as mono neverfull bag.