Why is it taking so long ?!??

  1. I travelled 300 km to Copenhagen LV shop to show them the deffect on my Lexington strap...Fine they said they ll replace it, but didn't have any in stock -I am used to empty stocks in DK shops anyways- so they'd call me when it arrives and send it to me.
    Well.....4 weeks have past, nothing ! I called them a few days ago (like "what's going on ?") they said it should be here soon, we'll call you. If I'd known I'd just have waited to go to Paris, since I am going there in 3 weeks !!
    Is it normal ? should I expect a nice consumer service little something ? (an excuse note, a catalogue ?) ??
    done with the rant....:tdown:
  2. I am so sorry!! I totally agree, Vuitton Copenhagen is such a bad store and it is the only one in the country :sad: I have met 1 GREAT sa, but haven't seen him in a while. there are allways such a big qeue to stand in, so it is impossible to get your regular sa, if you have one.

    A lot of Danish girls have had problems also with their monogram pochette, it has been sold to me and many others as a small shoulder bag, but because so many (not me thought) experience something ripping where the strap is attached, they no longer say you can use it as a shoulder bag, ONLY as a bag inside a bigger bag, which is ridiculous! I completely understand you! they took 7 MONTHS to heatstamp my luggage tag..
  3. I am so sorry this happen to you.
  4. When paying this much for our bags, we expect them to be of good quality.
    Mai Britt...youve worried me, i just bought the pochette as a small shoulder bag(as sold on vuitton.com)

    Hope it arrives soon and in great condition!
  5. Oh no....this is even worst than what I thought....
    I feel I am gonna call french consumer services. I think general danish consumer services are pretty bad, but I was hoping since this is LV, it should live by their standards.
    And yes the store was surprisingly crowded but I got a nice SA, Lars. There were kids everywhere running around, jumping up and down on the seats, wiping the table with their toyshop plastic bag !! Not an ideal experience of a luxury boutique....
  6. the pochette accessoires is originally meant to be just a small bag inside a larger bag like a makeup or toiletry kit (hence the name) then it steadily became used as a bag in itself. some credit/blame the Fendi Baguette for the trend in small bags wedged under your arm. the straps on the Mono pochette split because they are just pieces of leather glued together. they weren't originally meant to be used or handled as often. but when used as a shoulder strap, one's body heat and sweat may lead to the gradual split.
  7. I completely understand that it is intended only as a pochette inside another bag. The problem is that it has been sold as a shoulder bag, they showed me that extender thing/keychain to use, to make the strap longer, so it better fits over the shoulder. They really shouldn't do that if they know it is intended as a bag inside a bag.

    I am just really tired of the service at Vuitton Copenhagen, the last two times I have been in there, the sa's who served me, both walked away to do other stuff..:cursing: and this is after waiting in line for about 30-40 minutes and getting service for 5-8 minutes..
  8. After 9 months of waiting my boutique finally told me they lost my bag!:rant: I hope you get better service.
  9. Sorry sounds really annoying
    I can pm u the name of my SA there she is GREAT!!!
  10. wow, how frustrating for you!
  11. I guess it's normal. FOR THE COPENHAGEN STORE. :rolleyes:

    @ deluxeduck

    Yep it's pretty evident, as all of the straps that are supposed to be used as shoulder straps etc ARE sewn together. However if they sell it as a purse, it's not the consumer's fault for using it for what she bought it for.
  12. Sorry you are having such an awful time, I hope your bag gets back to you soon. Please keep us posted!
  13. I would really throw a fit but that's just me :smile: I demand good CS, Go somewhere else for sure.
  14. Sorry to hear about the awful customer service in DK! I really hope you can get your new strap soon....;)

    Deluxeduck: I think all pochette accessoires are being knowingly sold as both a makeup bag as well as a shoulder bag. Small bag-inside-bag or not, splitting straps should not be happening in any way and is definitely a quality defect.