Why is it so much harder to spend your money on jewelry than bags/shoes/etc.?

  1. I've noticed that I won't blink an eye to pay for a 3500 coat from gucci, or buy multiple pairs of shoes in one week that total over 1K, but when it comes to buying jewelry, I become a wuss...if I think it through logically, jewelery lasts longer than anything, and it's more of an investment, but why can't I just hand over the credit card?

    I've also noticed that I never browse the jewelry section of a dept store, unless I'm done with all the other floors and there's nothing else to look at...is it b/c they never go on sale and other items in the store do? Or is it that I get more gratification from buying multiple items whereas with jewelry, I can only buy 1? Do any of you go through this? Is it possible to change from a shoes/clothing person to jewelry person?
  2. For me, it's because I know I won't get a lot of use out of most pieces of jewlery. I don't wear jewlery everyday, but I wear shoes and carry bags everyday so it seems more practical. I justify everything I buy on a cost per use basis.
  3. Actually, I'm the opposite, I find it much more easy to waltz into a jewelry store and buy a ring on the spot, whereas I always think a bag purchase over and over. I guess I think jewelry is more worth the money to me.
  4. Bags and shoes are way more exciting! lol
  5. I am the opposite. I take forever to buy a bag and don't buy expensive clothes, but have a huge soft spot for jewelry and always have. I enjoy wearing it or just seeing it in my jewelry box.
  6. Lately, I have been buying a lot of jewelry because it seems to be what I'm interested at the moment. I also have been buying a lot clothes from discount stores becuase the cute spring stuff has not come in my favorite stores yet. It is easier for me to spend the money on jewelry because I wear it every day. I love having nice jewelry to look at and to be able to match my outfit.
  7. I am completely opposite. I see jewelry as an investment and bags/shoes a seasonal thing. I never bought a bag retail but I have gone into jewelery stores and purchased. Dont get me wrong they arent' Cartier or Tiffany's but still from retail.. I think i like the shiny.
  8. I TOTALLY place more value on jewelry, but I have an issue. I have a "thing" . . . I sort of refuse to buy it for myself. I like mine to be gifted so I don't really browse it unless I'm 'due' for a new piece from DH! LOL!
    But I defintely prefer putting that $ towards fine jewelry I'd like to pass on to special people one day as opposed to bags.
  9. The issue for me is that my taste in bags and shoes runs in the lower three digits, but my taste in jewelry runs much higher. Additionally, I agree with Swanky and I prefer that jewelry be gifted so I don't generally purchase it for myself.
  10. So true.. with the OP.. & w/ Swanky. I'm actually contemplating on letting go some of my bags to fund an upgrade for my earrings. I was intentionally waiting for x-mas this year because dh knows I want an upgrade... but I don't think I can wait that long.. :shrugs:
  11. I used to spend lots on bags and clothes, but now i kinda lost interest in bags, cuz i think they're a waste of money, since they loose their value so fast especially after u use them. But jewelry/watches will always stay new, just need some polishing once in a long time. Plus I can wear them every day and pass onto next generation. i still love clothes, but only buy special pieces.
  12. It is much easier for me to spend $$$ on jewelry. However, I have $$$$$ taste and $ budget, so it takes me a while to save up for a piece.
    I get much joy from selecting which pieces to wear every day. :smile:
  13. Because the bags I like cost $2-3k maybe $4k max and the shoes are like cost about $250 a pair but the jewelry I like costs $20-400,000k and ahaha, I don't have that kind of money!
  14. I totally enjoy reading everyone's comments, as there is a wide range of opinions, and many jewelry lovers representing!

    If I have to wait for someone to gift it to me, I may wait a very long time between pieces! And the fact that jewelry can be passed down generations is also very true. Also, I agree bags and clothes can be worn everyday, but if you were given the opportunity to pick anything out in Tiffanys (a la "Sweet Home Alabama" movie), we'd all find something we love and call it "my precious" for the rest of our lives...even more than any bag or clothing...because that's how I feel about my engagement ring/wedding band (even though they're not from Tiffany's) :shame:
  15. I am with Swanky on this....I hate buying jewelry for myself. I would rather DH get it for me b/c it would have more meaning. I do love looking at jewels though and when I see something I really like, I poing DH in that direction. That is what happened right after V day. I saw this gorgeous heart shaped diamond pendant, it was relatively inexpensive and I really could have just bought it right on the spot. I did not, had DH come back a few days later and he got it for me.

    Bags and shoes I buy myself and don't blink an eye at the rising cost of my addictions!