Why is it so hard to stop wanting bags?

  1. I always loved bags but never "invested" in designer bags until 2005 after I got married. I was talking with friends before the holidays and they pointed out to me that I've bought all my bags (8 to count) within about 1 year! I started off with LV bags, moved to Gucci bags, dabbled in Prada then finally discovered Bbags. (I know you're not suppose to have faves when it comes to your kids but Bbags really outshine all my other ones!) My New Year's resolution was to save money (aka stop buying bags for a while). If you can't already tell I'm already starting to have a hard time keeping that resolution! Bbags just come in so many beautiful styles and colors that it's hard not to want more! :hysteric:
  2. Balenciaga puts crack in the leather so we stay addicted :tispy:

    :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  3. *sigh* :s As you can tell... I joined PF in Dec. 2006, a meer 2 months ago.

    Prior to that, I was reasonably happy with my Coach purchases, had just gotten my first Marc Jacobs, and was thinking about getting a speedy, but wasn't really sure whether it was me or not... then BAM, I found PF....

    Since Dec. 2006, I have purchased 3 Coach bags, 3 MJ bags, 2 MJ zip clutches, numerous Coach accesories, have 1 Anna Corinna & 2 Hayden-Harnett bags on their way here... Now I am obssessed over Balenciaga bags, and expect to purchase my first one either by the end of the month or beginning of February.....

    Now, to be fair - I keep telling myself that I am just getting alot of things on my list for 2007 out of the way and will slow down once I get my collection sorted out how I want it... However, I know PF has accelerated my need for a collection, because I am exposed to so many great handbags!! I want them all, and for some reason a "need" switch has gone off in my head!!!

    Okay... I am slightly embarassed... back to lurking in the bbag area until I get my first one. :shame:

  4. I totally hear you! I started off with Coach bags too! I remember thinking I could never spend more than $500 on a bag! ;) Now, doesn't it seem so much easier each time you spend more? Sometimes I see the price of a bag now and say, "that's not bad!" if the price is less than $1200! That's crazy!!! :lol:

  5. Crack never looked so good. Do you ever just try on your bag in front of the mirror for no reason at all? When I first bought my Bbags I would come home from work and just take it out of my closet then look in the mirror or carry it around with me in the house! Definitely crack in the leather! :yahoo:
  6. :roflmfao:
  7. ITA I am constantly thinking of balenciaga bags. I wish I have a money tree so I can get all the bags balenciaga ever released. I used to be LV and chanel girl. I have stopped looking and drooling over new LVs but I still have a soft spot for Chanel:shame: At the moment I am concentrating on getting more bbags before getting another chanel. This obsession with bbags is not good for my bank balance.:hrmm:
  8. They're beautiful and unique, and no matter what you're wearing, they make you look better!

    I think I have my addiction under control. I've been very careful about buying new colors/new styles, except for my 2 firsts. By the time my Antracity comes I'll have a Marron, Greige, Rouille, Olive and Athracite in the First, Twiggy, City and Day styles. A nice spread of color, and it's enough for a while. Sure, I want something in a blue eventually, and a mid-afternoon -- but I've gotten my major fix out of the way. There are always more colors to buy, but I think I'll be able to use all the ones I have if I keep my collection at 5 or 6. My closet is tiny!

    I don't have any other designer bags, and I don't want any others, so I think I'm being very reasonable! LOL
  9. I agree with highgloss, I think I my addiction is under control too. I definitely do not want more than 4-5 bags because I want to be able to regularly use them and not neglect any or feel bad for having several thousands of $$ sitting in my closet. I only have Bbags (2 bags, 1 wallet, 1 coin purse) and that's all I want. The bags speak for themselves, leather is incomparable to anything out there and for me, the best thing is how lightweight they are.

    I have to say though, the PF definitely helped fuel my addiction. I would have thought it absurd several months ago to buy more than 1 Bbag, especially in the same style! But now, no big deal. And my sister said something while I was buying my most recent Bbag (which I returned maybe because of it) - she thought I was using Bbags as a band-aid for something. Hmm, not really sure but it struck a chord and caused me to think a bit. I've been stressed and down lately and maybe she was right.
  10. ^^ yep, all the time (lol!!!) :roflmfao: :p :heart:
  11. OK, here's another funny story about my obsession. So everytime I buy a bag I'd tell my mom and she'd freak out at the cost of each bag (I guess especially because they were in such a short period of time). My last two bags I bought were my Bbags which I bought in December before Christmas and this time I didn't tell my mom that I bought them and actually to this day I haven't told my mom about them! The sad part is I'm married and definitely not a little girl anymore that needs her mom's approval but you gals know how it can be with moms! She just wants me to be "responsible" and save my money! I just have to figure out how I'm going to introduce my new babies to her one day! :p
  12. My mom and I have a very nice "don't ask/don't tell" policy. She knows I spend ridiculous amounts of money on bags, and she always compliments, but never asks how much I paid, because we both know the truth would be painful to both of us!

  13. Hmmm...Could be possible that bags could be a "band aid" for something else for some people. I think maybe for me I always feel drawn to bags because they look good on anyone no matter what size you are or what clothes you wear or what you look like. I love that. I try to reason also that if you invest in good classic bags they can last a lifetime and not go out of fashion. Like investing in a good piece of jewelry. Unlike most clothes which after a while either are outgrown or go out of fashion. I do envy your (and Highgloss's) control over your addiction - though can you really have "control" over an ADDICTION? ;) You sound like my friend though who loves bags as much as the next girl but who rarely spends the money on a bag.
  14. LOL! That's great! Wish I could have the same policy with my mom. My mom's a little too nosey though to let that fly. :graucho:
  15. Wow, I can relate. I would NEVER tell my mom (who is on a fixed income) how much I spent on bags. Or my sister, for that matter.

    I periodically visit my bags just to admire them when not in use.

    I have never spent more than $150 on a bag three months ago and had only carried a diaper bag for the last few years. Now I want every bag I see. WEll, not really. I don't care for many of the b-bag styles so that helps narrow the field. The thing that got me going is that I decided I really loved the purse style and of course we all know that isn't going to be around much longer. WHY do they have to do that? Actually, I am glad there isn't much I like in between the first and the city style because it helps me to maintain control.