Why is it so hard to find the "Purse" style?

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  1. I see they have three colors at Aloha Rag; none that I am interested in. Did the make the Purse style in prior years, or is it a fairly new design? I really want one in a hot color!!! :love:
  2. hmmmmmmmmm, i'm not sure how long the purse has been around...but it's growing in popularity :yes: ...have you tried calling the balenciaga nyc store?

    p.s. as i think y'all know by now, i've got 1 in emerald :love:
  3. I know I have seen PFers with the caramel, black, rouge, pink (forgot which one but an older one)... there may be more.
  4. here's a picture of my baby for you to check out Becca4277...i think the emerald green is a really hot color :yes:
    DSCF2040 rev.jpg
  5. The purse came out 04' and resurfaced again fall of 05'. I guess, it wasn't as popular when it first came out but it's steadily gaining popularity now.
  6. I have a black one and a gray one. I hadn't realized that they were uncommon. I do see them around NYC.
  7. Oh, I love it! I really wanted one in the cornflower blue but I think the emerald is great to. Thanks for sharing!!
  8. I have a pale rose Purse that I love! You may try calling Barney's at American Manhasset. They have a large selection of Bbags. The telephone number for Americana Manhasset is 1-800-818-6767. Perhaps they can put you in touch with Barney's there.
  9. you're welcome Becca4277, the emerald's my fave color :smile:
  10. the purse is my fave style. i prefer it over the classic since that is too small, and the city is too clunky for me. the purse is perfect! plus you can wear it over your shoulder.
  11. Becca, Aloha Rag has a LILAC purse that looks really good. They sent me a photo of it. If I already did not have that lilac classique I'd buy it. PM me with your email address and I'll forward you the photo they sent me if you want to see it.
  12. I have the Purse style in the Light Camel:yes: ...it's really pretty...but I haven't seen it in that many colors! The longer straps are really nice, but I do like the shoulder strap that comes with the classic Motorcycle (I love my Ink Classic!!!):biggrin::love:
    may 07-06 008.jpg
  13. as of last week, aloha rag sent me their inventory list.
    they still had the rouille, emerald, and lilac in stock.
    they are $995 usd. this style has really grown on me.
  14. I thought the Purse was 1095 and the First was 995? If this is so I'd better jump on it SOON!
  15. :Push: you're right. sorry about that i was thinking of the day bags.