Why is it so hard to be content???

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  1. JUST when I think I'm content, I start eying something that's never caught my attention before! I thought I was content and now all of a sudden I am obsessed with the artsy! I've never even given this bag a second look until now!

    Does this happen to everyone???
  2. seriously yes and i'm starting to think something is wrong with me like i'm addicted to shopping and nice things!!! hehehe

    for real though, every time i like something and i end up getting it, something else immediately becomes the object of my affection.
  3. I was content until I heard that Aube may be leaving us soon. I was doing SO well too: no searching ebay, Yoogi's or Fashionphile, no youtube videos, no clubhouses then BOOM here I am again. :couch: Trying to find every picture and review possible to make the right choice. This bag has been on the back burner for a while though and I thought I had more time to add it to my collection...so technically it doesn't count right? It's not breaking a ban when it was your HG from the beginning...right? :shucks: :busted
  4. Ok I think I'm starting to understand. My hubby just bought me the Evora mm DE New Year's Eve. Now I'm already looking for a damier azur for summer? Right? Either the siracusa mm or the totally mm? Oh no! I'm addicted!
  5. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who does this! LOL You are not alone!! I just bought an azur Galliera PM last week and now I'm obsessing over a Totally!! :loveeyes:
  6. Yup you are not alone. Iam trying my best to be content for now. I wonder how long it will last
  7. It. Never. Ends.

    But it's still tons of fun. : )
  8. Totally agree :smile:)
  9. Great post. I tell myself I'm DONE, DONE, DONE. Then somehow I go into a bag trance and obsess about the next one. The same thing happened to me with the Artsy. I had just gotten the speedy empreinte (and a few others *cough, cough*) and swore to myself that I was done. Then that artsy noir came out and I had to have it. I never even cared for artsy before that and now it's my favorite bag!

  10. well said.... lol
  11. Tell me about it! We can never be contented with anything in life..;)
  12. I am the same
    The content feeling after a new purchase lasts about 2 weeks....

    Then the dreaming & planning starts again
  13. You are most definitely not alone! I don't think this forum helps. And since I discovered the LV communities on YouTube and Instagram, I'm even worse! :lol:

  14. Thats just about my time frame!!!!
  15. Of course! As soon as I get a new piece it on to researching the next, lol!