Why is it so difficult?

  1. I have been searching high and low for the Wii Nintendo and no one seems to have stock. It appears that they are making it impossible to get here in Canada. Are they doing this tactic in the US as well? If any of you have suggestions on where I can get one in Vancouver, I'll be forever grateful!Really:shame:

  2. We got one but you have to get there LITERALLY *exactly* when they get them in. Find an electronics store that carries them and ask them what day (and even what time!) they will be getting their next shipment onto the floor and then you have to get there right away.

    It's a pain but worth it - the wiii is very fun! Good luck! :p
  3. I was in Best Buy yesterday morning at opening, and there was a pallet of Wii's on the floor. There were also people grabbing them already. :lol:
  4. I think it is a brilliant marketing tactic to prolong interest-the harder it is to get, the more you want it because it is elusive. But they have to be careful not to do it so much, people become annoyed with the hide-n-seek game and don't buy it anymore:drool:

    I know I heard around Xmas people where able to pre-buy the system and get it later. Don't know if you can still do that or not, but maybe that's an option if it's still available.
  5. Good Luck finding one!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. As mentioned, it is the same here in the states. As people mentioned, you have to be at the store when the put them out.

    At Christmas I was at Best Buy looking for guitar hero for the Wii and they had just put out a huge display of the systems at opening, when I got there at 10 minutes after opening, the pallet was half empty...I went to the back to pick up some memory cards and a few other things..back up front to pay less than 5 minutes later and there were 3 left...by the time I checked out they were all gone. I made a comment to the gal..."wow! sold out in less than 30 minutes" She laughed and said, "that's a long time, usually they last less then 10 minutes, must be because it's mid-week."
  7. I think I've seen a couple at my local GameStop.. but it may just be the display box because I've never been inside to ask. Perhaps you can give them a call??
  8. DH has been trying too fpr awhile.....seems like he calls Best Buy int he morning and by the laste afternoon, they have been all gone already!
  9. Wow. I had no idea the Wii was still this popular.

    I hope you can find one.
  10. Yes, it is a brilliant marketing strategy, just a PITA!:sweatdrop:I thought the US was different. I thought you could pick them up whenever, no problem. I feel a little better now:push:Thanks for the suggestions, guess I'll camp out @ Best Buy until I get my hands on one. Oy.
  11. call the less popular electronic stores; for example Circuit City here has them more often than other store because people in my area prefer Best Buy or Frye's.
    I agree w/ someone else, find out exactly which day the get shipments and GO that day, they usually only get a few at a time.
  12. I read recently that you can find them at Walmart in more remote areas.... I have yet to see one on a shelf anywhere, and the boxes at Gamestop are indeed empty displays. Best thing you can do is just keep calling local stores... Find out when the trucks come in, they always come in on the same days at the bigger stores. No one will hold one for you, you will have to get there right away. I want one too, but not enough to go hunting. Eventually the stock will be on the shelves.
  13. Try Target also - I've seen pallets there as well.
  14. I don't know if it is actually a marketing strategy...I have read a couple articles about how they can't keep up.
  15. I think gamestop or one of those smaller gaming stores was selling "vouchers" for wiis. Basically, you buy the voucher and it puts you on a list, then when the wii comes and your name is up, you go in and get it.

    Also, if you twitter, you can add wiime to your friends: http://twitter.com/WiiMe -- when I was looking to buy a wii, I set up a twitter notifier to my cell phone for all wiime posts, then I got an SMS when wiis were available, and within minutes I bought one, then refreshed and they were sold out!