Why is it SO difficult to find a job in Toronto?

  1. I HATE job hunting!

    I moved to Toronto in August, and didn't get a job until October. (I worked at The Bay over Christmas).

    I went home for Christmas and New Year's and came back January 03, and I'm STILL job hunting.

    I don't understand why employers don't like me. I either get an interview, have a really good rapport with them and never hear from them again, or I just never hear from them.

    In Massachusetts, I got the jobs I interviewed for. They hired me right on the spot!

    Is it because I came from America? Is that what's so threatening? I'm a good person, so why won't people hire me?
  2. From what I hear, there are too many people and not enough jobs in Toronto, so I wouldn't necessarily say that it's because you're American :shrugs: My friends who are in the Co-Op program can't even stay in Ontario for it because the lack of jobs. There are so many unemployed people in Ontario in general, and it's not that they are discriminating against a certain nationality or race, but if there aren't many positions to fill, I definitely want the best candidate to fill a position and therefore I'd be extra picky if I were a boss :shrugs:

    Can't always get what you want! I went through numerous interviews before I got the job I have right now (although it was initially intended to be a summer job only, I've worked there for almost three years now, and I am the "senior" there because I've been there the longest for my position!) but I'm sure I'd get ANY job I want (if I qualify for it...) here since there's a major SHORTAGE here in Calgary, as opposed to not enough positions in Toronto.

    Keep trying, you'll get a job sooner or later :flowers:
  3. I know I will, thanks. I just get so impatient sometimes!

    (But I'd rather be here, in my own apartment, only having enough money for groceries than be living in the same house with my mother and making the kind of money I used to make.)
  4. You should come to Calgary where jobs are plentiful...here is exactly where ALL my Co-Op program friends are! :lol:

    In my University, we have an internship program for 3rd year Engineering students after the school year, I think the internship director said people actually CALL to ask for interns and nearly 80% of students go through the program; the other 20% simply didn't want to! :nuts: So you can imagine all the positions available here in Calgary.

    I don't think I know of a place (besides mine, since we have TOO many staff members now...) that isn't hiring here.
  5. hey u! huge shortage here in edmonton...... toronto is crazy. its overloaded. as most major cities. very challenging and the competition is over the roof. goodluck. (^^^^ but the west is wide open!) :smile:
  6. Caitlin, what kind of work are you looking for specifically?
  7. Just customer service. I'd be happy working at Starbucks.

    Not for the rest of my life. But I just want something until I'm done going to school for what I really want to do.
  8. I want to buy things other than groceries!

    I want to get excited over having money for something other than a tea and a cookie at Starbucks!

    I haven't seen a movie in a theatre since August!

    I'm so upset, I've been crying until I can't breathe anymore, and I'm suprised I haven't gotten hives yet!
  9. if i may ask what brought you to canada? school? just curious since you say you are from mass. just ignore if it is too personal. :yes:
  10. It's okay.

    My mom's side of the family is Canadian, and we would visit relatives in Toronto every summer. I always loved it here, and by the time I was almost done with college, I thought it would be wonderful to live here.

    And other than the only having money for groceries part, I like it here.

    (I'd like it MORE if I had more money, though.)
  11. To me it's hard to find a job in Chicago...still hunting with no luck...
    I was thinking because English is my second language. :shrugs:
    I went to several interviews, but I just couldn't get a job :crybaby:
    (If my works were so bad, they wouldn't even call me for an interview...)

    Good luck for your job hunting...let's pray for it...
  12. I know what you are going through caitlin1214 I graduated in '05 from Ryerson (Industrial Engineering) and it took me about 8 months to get a job, it was ridiculous and frustrating. I sent so many resumes and it seemed like employers in Ontario sometimes expect new grads to have at least a few years of experience (for Engineering jobs which is ridiculous) which is really hard unless you go through a co-op program (not available in my case).

    Same goes for internships, the only reason I didn't do one was because I couldn't find one. But after 8 loong months I found a job through workopolis campus. They have an awesome data base which caters to younger people so you can give that a try.

    I wish you all the luck in the world and hope you find a job soon!! Hang in there I'm sure you will find an awesome job soon!
  13. When I moved to Toronto, I started off looking at hospitals for jobs, but I wasn't qualified for any of them.

    And the craziest thing is, there's a desperate need for clerical workers at hospitals! I actually have to wait until July to start applying for that.

    I get my certificates for both medical terminology classes in July.

    Once I get my certificates, I can start applying to hospitals. I figure they'll look at me more seriously once I have those. Then, while I'm working, I can take any other classes I happen to need.