why is it cheaper?

  1. here's a general eBay question. why are items cheaper on eBay? what are sellers benefitting from selling items if they purchased them at high price only to sell them at way low prices? i'm not talking about used items, or fake items, but real designer bags that are priced way too low?
  2. you never know how they acquired them.

    Often boutiques won't allow returns so people have a choice to either let the $ sit in their closet or try and recoup some back.
    Others know how to sntach bags that are VERY hard to find at decent prices.
  3. Plus there has been some amazing sales on recently so people have been snatching up deals at 60 percent off etc
  4. if i'm not mistaken... the designer is the one who control the exact price, but... they or the distributor can give discounts up to 30% for resellers store like NM, Saks etc...
    and maybe... just maybe though, the resellers on eBay are the one who can get that discount adn because they don't have to rent store or employee, they can sell it cheaper than big retail stores...

    as u know the designer bags have really huge mark up from the real value of the bag, and they can give you big discounts even without losing profit.

  5. Exactly!:yes:

    Also, a seller may think that their item is so hot, that a bidding war will start and it will end up going for a lot more then expected.

    I have a couple of items that I got super super cheap. But when I see the exact same item on eBay now, sometimes people are winning that bid for 2-3 times what I won my for!

    Other times, the item is a gift, so regardless of what amount they get, they are getting a profit and they may have no clue how much the item is worth
  6. Ebay is our free enterprise system at work...demand = prices.
  7. I also believe that sellers are often employees of boutiques and larger retail stores, and they purchase things with their discount and then list them for a profit.
  8. There's a lot of competition in Ebay. It's either to sell your handbag at a lower price than others OR just don't sell it at all.
  9. Yeah, just think of all those Chloe bags that went for 50% off (or more) at Nordstrom, NM, etc. A bunch of tPFers tried to order them and got the "no longer in stock" bounceback--SOMEBODY bought those bags for next to freaking nothing, and now they can sell them for whatever amount they want.
  10. some stores, like Coach, have outlets and do special preferred customer sales, if you get a good buy there, you can turn around and sell it for whatever it will go for!
  11. that's not true. I am also a power seller and I sell a lot of coach bags (I know these aren't super high end, but I sell at lot that are $398 or $498, so they're not cheap) and I also sell Marc Jacobs. I almost always start at .99 with no reserve because the demand is usually high on the ones I sell and I've never had one go for less that I wanted (I sell older limited edition bags that are NWT). The .99 gets peoples attention, and I only sell authentic bags bought at authorized places (coach, coach outlets, department stores for Marc Jacobs). Please don't make such generalized statements about ebay.
  12. 1. It's better than a garage sale by a country mile.
    2. It could have been purchased on sale.
    3. It could have been bought with an employee discount.
    4. You've just grown tired of having your money tied up on something that's sitting in your closet unused even if you like it.
    5. Your taste has simply changed, and you know you'll never use it.
    .on down to, it's a fake.
  13. exactly. not everything is fake. sometimes people get things cheap, get them as gifts, or are sick of them sitting in their closets not being used. it's not always the worst. that's one of the reasons tpf is so great, you can post the auctions you're interested in and let other tpf'ers help authenticate them!