Why is it called "Groom"?

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  1. Anybody know why they named it that and what the significance, if any, is of the bellboy? I just don't get it. I'm sorry, I know some of you are drooling over these items. I could understand putting the bellboy on luggage pieces, but maybe I'm just out of the loop. Can anybody clue me in? :shrugs:
  2. I don't know why it's called Groom...perhaps that's the french word for a bellhop????

    Eh...why put cherries or flowers on a bag? I guess it's just a quirky fun design to try :smile:
  3. groom does in fact mean bellboy in french
  4. Aha! I actually thought of that as I was typing my first post. Well, at least that makes sense to me. Thanks guys!
  5. Groom or the bellboy was inspired by a Louis Vuitton ad backdated to 1921. The colours were colours offered from personalisation of any LV hard-sided. They are the traditional LV trunk colours ie blue, red, cream white, off-white, yellow, green and orange. Again, it goes to show LV's rich tradition as well as its know how in both the serigraphy process of the printing and the personalisation aspect of our devoted brand!

    As painting services are not offered on other products besides hardsided, this allows devotees like us to have it reinterpreted onto small leather goods!
  6. Vuittonize, you are amazing! I love to know the history behind these such things. You rock!

  7. are you serious!! so when getting married in france...its like bride and bellboy??? that is too funny. "hey hubby...carry those bags!?" LOL:lol:
  8. LOL..it's part of hubbies contract to carry around our luggages :lol:
  9. That is soo true. As soon as I saw the groom line it reminded me of the striping on vintage LV trunks. Its so hot, I want to get mine heat staped.
  10. this is what i think (just for fun!)
    my boyfriend always complain whenever he carries my bag 'cus he said they are too girlie. so many LV made the groom range so that our boyfriends/DH will not complain so much! (the groom = boy) so i suppose it aint too girlish. lol
  11. You got that one right!!! hehehe and also to Pay for all our bags! :yahoo:

  12. I didnt know that.. interesting!

  13. Thats great info... Thanks for sharing :flowers:
  14. After seeing these pieces in person, it's growing on me. The colors are all so pretty! My husband even commented that he kinda liked it, too.