Why is it called Affiche?

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  1. This is admitedly a dumb question but I couldn't find the answer to it. Why is the line called Affiche? I don't see it referenced that way on the LV website, so I actually had trouble finding it at first. Wasn't it also called serigraphy at first here on TPF too, not Affiche?

    I'm just wondering about all these names!
  2. Affiche means 'poster' in French. I assume that since the images that are screen printed onto the SLGs are inspired from old advertisements, they were given that name. :smile:
  3. Its funny that you mention this because I referred to it as "Affiche" twice when calling different stores and the SAs had no clue what I was talking about. LOL!!
  4. ^That's exactly what I mean! Seems like the LV website, and apparently SAs (or at least some, like the above poster's) don't call it this...where did the name get associated with this line?
  5. Beats me.:huh::shrugs:

    I started calling it that because of the forum. LOL!
  6. The keyrings are called Affiche on the website, but nothing else.. I recall they did this for the T&B line too, just described the design printed upon the canvas but didn't name that limited edition item as being from the T&B line..


  7. Yay Frankie to the rescue. Mystery solved:nuts:
  8. Dun dun DUNNNN!!!!! [​IMG]