Why is I'm Not A Plastic bag so popular?

  1. By now, most of you probably already know about this bag. It is sold out right away everywhere once it comes out. People stay in lines waiting to purchase the bag. And the price for the bag is more than 20 times of its selling price on eBay.

    How did it become such a popular item? I would like to hear some of your opinions. :okay:
  2. I guess because it's an environmentally friendly way of letting the world know how environmentally friendly you are? :shrugs:I guess it's just become the latest way to advertise the fact that you care, kind of like Livestrong or Make Poverty History bracelets. I don't think their popularity is a bad thing at all though.
  3. It's a product that has garnered a lot of attention and is in demand.
  4. ^^ I agree. It is also by a popular designer and has been seen on the arms of the hip crowd
  5. It was worn by celebs... people interested in buying it and actually carrying it know it's a low price... people interested in buying and seling it know that the resell price is insanely higher than retail.
  6. I understand that it's for a good cause blah blah blah, but why is the inventory so limited? If it's to raise awareness, why not make them available for anyone who wants one?

    If they really want to rid the world of plastic bags, make more canvas totes for goodness sakes!
  7. I was wondering the same thing - it must have been carried by a celeb in order to garner this much(sp?) attention.
  8. It's only popular because celebrities like Kira Knightley have been seen sporting this bag. Plus it is environmentally friendly. Anything that is made of organic materials, like those Rock&Republic organic cotton jeans, are very popular.
  9. Its popular becuase:
    1. It's made by a designer
    2. It's cheap
    3. Celebrities have been spotted with it
    4. Enrironmentally friendly (however I think most people may be more interested due to #1-3? unfortunately)
  10. IMO, it's popular b/c of the celebrity endorsement and limited availability (people like to feel that they're part of something exclusive). I'm guessing that 95/+% of buyers don't consider "environmentally friendly" as the only reason to buy it -- if they did, they'd just buy a random reusable bag that doesn't require standing in line for hours.
  11. I think it's very strategic marketing.

    Something cheap, recognizable, and declaring to be "for a good cause". And if you have one, it's a bit special because it's limited.
    It's a combo all the cool kids want.
  12. It's cheap and cute. Plus, if you are into environmental issues it's very hip.
  13. It also sells in high-end stores (i.e., Holt Renfrew) which heightens its appeal!
  14. And I bet the message is really hitting home too.... about as much as the Live Earth gigs did I should imagine. Let's do a great big concert to raise awareness of environmental issues and fly loads of pop stars half way round the world and televise it so that billions of people will waste loads of electricity watching it.

    Yeah that'll work.
  15. I wouldn't be caught dead carrying it.