Why is Hermes so expensive???

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  1. i am not tryin to upset anyone, i swear. i'm just curious, because i am a bag collector of sorts (mainly lv) and i'd just like to know why hermes is so expensive? i don't know that much about it other than it's been around forever like lv has, but maybe not quite as long. can you help me out? i hope i didn't offend anyone. :flowers:
  2. no..you asked very nicely..not offended at all.
    it's the same reason Mercedez is $$$ but there are other cars that are more $$$$$...:smile:
  3. Handmade by highly skilled craftspeople using the best materials. They are works of art. :flowers:

  4. can you tell me more about the leather and a brief history stuff like that? what are the average prices? all i've ever heard was $12,000. how much is the least expensive? by the way i think the bags are gorgeous!! :heart:
  5. Something that costs $12K is most likely ostrich. Croc will cost another couple thousand more (depending on whether it is alligator, niloticus croc, or porosus croc). Regular leather is generally somehwere between 1.8K to 8.9K depending on the leather and type of bags.
  6. Hi, there are many kinds of leathers and also many kinds of bags (not only Birkins and Kellys). Prices range from ca. 1,500 USD to endless. You can find all the info you need in the Hermes Reference Section.
  7. :yes: Check out the reference section there is a ton of great info there. The bag in my avatar (Evelyne) was $1675. There are quite a few bags in the range from $1500-$3000s and then they go up from there. :flowers:
  8. All parts are hand made, by skilled educated craftsmen/women, who train for over a year, the materials are of the highest quality, the company does not take any shortcuts or use cheap labor. Their only standard is perfection. So taking that into consideration, and the fact that many bags are in the $1600-$6000 range makes the bags well worth the investment.:flowers:
  9. You know, I keep forgetting that there are bags in the 1.5K range until people ask about it and that's when I remember ... Next time when I want to buy IT bags again, I'm buying an Evelyne. A fuchsia epsom one sounds very nice right now.
  10. - The bags are hand-made/hand-stitched by expert craftsman and it takes them close to 18 hours to finish each bag.

    -There are only a certain number of handbags made each year (because their are only so many craftsman).

    -They continue to rise in value (much like LV, they raise their prices regularly

    -There are many gorgeous leathers to choose from that age amazingly over time and the bags are very durable. They can always be repaired/refurbished by Hermes.

    I could go on and on. LOL
  11. thank you girls so much!!! i am pleased to know that i can afford one!!!
  12. Please be sure to post lots of pictures as soon as you get one!!:flowers:
  13. Welcome BagCollector!
    I hope you get a beautiful Hermes bag - for something affordable, check out the adorable Picotin or Evelyne. Also the Trim bag.
    The Craftsmen/women who are skilled enough to make Birkins have to train and apprentice for about as long as it takes to be a doctor!
  14. If you find a bag from Hermes that you just absolutely love, the price (often much lower than $12K, thank goodness) will seem much more reasonable for all of the reasons stated above! If your heart isn't in it, then the cost will never justify the bag, IMO. Welcome to a very supportive (read: enabling ;) ) room in the Purse Forum! You'll love it here...
  15. ^ very well said!
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