Why is GUCCI.com so much cheaper than the store?

  1. Ok so I went shopping at Copley in Boston yesterday and bought my boyfriend this for his birthday tomorrow...


    It was $595.00 in the store(plus 30 dollars tax)...and then I goto look online today and it's $470 on the website?? WHY?! Is it because of the commision? I could understand maybe 40 or 50 dollar difference but over $100 dollars cheaper online?? Makes me so mad!:cursing:
  2. you should call the store and ask them about that. Maybe they can refund you the difference. I got some stuff at the Gucci store but it was the same price as online.
  3. That is very odd the differance in the price. All 4 of my Gucci's were the same price on the web as they were in the store.
  4. HEY! I was there yesterday too!!!
    Are they EXACTLY the same? Sometimes a difference in size, even though its small, it can bring the price up. Did u compare serial numbers? I would call the store and tell them.
  5. The opposite happened to me. On Gucci.com, the Abbey medium shoulder bag in black lists for $725. When I purchased it at the Maui location, it was only $660. I wasn't about to argue with the SA on that. LOL. Maybe it differs from location to location?
  6. that's because Hawaii is considered a different region. It's not technically connected to the US for sales purposes. For instance with LV stuff, it's all cheaper in Hawaii as it's in a different district. ALso their sales tax is only 4%, so you score big buying in Hawaii!!
  7. for me the store costs more too, but I bought my bag in Japan and there was a mark up
  8. Thanks guys...I gave my boyfriend his gift last night and he loved it.. I thought it might be too small but it fit just right...I was hoping maybe it would be small so I could get the one only for cheaper haha!! I'm gonna cal the store when they open this should be interesting to see what they say!
  9. Thanks, that's good to know. Last year, I bought two Fendi's in Honolulu and had nothing to compare it to price wise(we do not have a local Fendi store and their website sucks). Even though I didn't know the exact cost of the purses, the total was less than what I expected. So I guess I'll try to hold out on buying purses until I go on my yearly trips to Hawaii (yeah right!). LOL.
  10. Whenever I have looked online everything has been the same price?
  11. I've never encountered that? Double check with your SA...
  12. that's so weird, you should check w/ your SA, and they can explain, i agree though, you should cross-check the serial #'s to make sure its the right size, also if your bag came in a different material (i.e. leather vs. jaquard, they just randomly list it on the web when you click on the pic)

    ^^^ Japan is probably the worst country to purchase high end designer goods from because of the price -i have a LOT of japanese friends, and they buy in bulk when they come to the US, i think because the market for designer goods (among other things like the economy) lend itself to heavy mark up in Japan!!
  13. Ok so I went to the store and they figured out the girl that sold it to me rang in the wrong piece of jewelry...uh good thing I ended up checking the website! The piece I bought was over 100 dollars cheaper...which didn't help me in the long run because I had drive all the way back down to Boston and ended up purchasing a necklace and a pair of sunglasses too. Oh well...anywasy thanks for the suggestions I probably wouldn't have went back to the store if it wasn't for you guys!