Why is EVERYTHING crappy?

  1. So I get home from errands and picking up a few things, slap on a brand new DVD...and lo and behold, it doesn't work. The player just spits it right back out and announces "unreadable disc". Urrggghhh. Now I have shlep back to the Virgin MegaStore in the torrential rain to take it back, and hope that they have another copy. I AM SO SICK AND TIRED OF HAVING TO TAKE THINGS BACK ALL THE TIME BECAUSE OF DEFECTS OR CRUMMY MANUFACTURING. It's really driving me crazy, and my husband laughs and says it's just my weird rotten luck. But I dunno, I think it may be a wee bit more widespread than that. Just bought a pair of Rock & Republics at NM and 2 rivets were missing. I've had to take 3 Motorola Razors back to T-Mobile for various reasons, none of them good. Anybody else tired of buying "quality" things only to discover that they don't work properly or are otherwise defective? ...sigh...:hrmm:
  2. I empathize totally. Have been disappointed more than once with new items.

    What I find fascinating is that when you buy something used on eBay, if the seller is any good, there are several pictures of the actual item you are buying, and the seller has scrutinzed it and taken care to point out any tiny defect, and make sure that it shows in the pictures. You know pretty much exactly what you're getting. But often when you buy new, you see a stock photo and the actual item you receive may have crooked stitching or other problems that you have no advance knowledge of. Several times have been sent the wrong item altogether.
  3. One time my daugter picked out a CD she wanted very badly. She was so excited and when she opened it, there was nothing there - no CD, no nothing - the look on her face. It was the strangest thing. We immediatly went back to the store, explained what happened, and they did exchange it, but I felt so weird and in the back of my head I was wondering if they thought I was trying to scam them. Anyway, one of the guys at the counter was very nice, and he said it had happened to him before, so I felt better.... but the entire situation was a pain
  4. *sigh*
    I never got a defective CD, but I have 2 Sharper Image Ionic Breeze machines that have rust building on their interior blades. I'm taking them back b/c they have that 5 year warranty thingie. But heck this is the 2nd time I'm going to do this and I don't want them to think I don't know how to use it KWIM? And you don't even want to get me started on the plumber who came out yesterday:censor: Needless to say, it was NOT Mike from desperate housewives. At least I would have some eye candy b/c the work was crappy.
  5. HAHAHA! :roflmfao: :roflmfao: I know bad plumbing job is no laughing matter, but your comment was just so funny :smile: How are those ionic breeze machines anyway? (besides the rusty blades)

    Oh, and to answer the question, I couldn't really think of anything that was high-valued/"quality product" with a reliable brand that was defective. I do remember myself breaking the DVD I just bought because those thingy in the middle that holds DVD was so tight!! luckily, even though the DVD cracked, it played okay. :shame:
  6. bluekit, I love them (besides the rust problem). I have allergy problems and they seem to help. My mom swears by them. I think the rust problem could be b/c I live in Hawaii and the majority of homes do not have AC. But they didn't mention anything like this when I took them back the first time. Just brought out 2 new boxes. What am I going to do when the 5 year warranty is up?
  7. ...as I feared, it could very well be my own weird creepy rotton-all-the-time luck with things, and I do tend to pay very close (sometimes too close?) attention to detail. But still, with more things than not these days, I find flaws. Just exchanged a True Religion hoodie at Saks, due to uneven/loose stitching. It was really awful looking. Of course, they had to order another one...:whistle:. My fault I guess for just grabbing it without inspecting it with a fine tooth comb first, but then again, why should I have to?

    Please pardon all my :rant: I'll stop now.
  8. sick4marc, i dont think it's your 'rotton luck.' i'm the same way. i never take the first item off the shelf. i have to inspect the 2nd & 3rd before I take the item. I do this with everything from milk to handbags. SA's know how I am and they always say "i'll order you a new one or I'll get one from locker stock for you." I just think we notice it more b/c we are careful observers. But you're right. When we shell out bucks for designer jeans or handbags, then we expect that someone should have inspected it for flaws b/c of the cost. Just my .02 worth.

  9. :lol: Hey rubygirl, we're like two peas...I usually take the 3'rd milk back (from the front) and suffer from allergies! :lol: Always, always check the date on dairy! I also avoid the crusty cartons...if the 3rd milk back is flaky, I go for the 4th...

    :smile: Nice to know I'm not alone... :ninja:

    I've also been thinking about getting one of those air filters lately...if I do, I'll let you know if (when) mine develops any rust ;)
  10. Ooooh, BF ordered this Christmas CD from Amazon.com and the first disc is okay but the second disc was some Spanish songs. He returned it for an exchange and the same thing happened! He gave up and returned it for a refund.
  11. I'm the same way with checking items! I want them to be perfect. If I somehow scratch or ruin it later on, that's my problem. But at least when I bought it, everything was pristine...as it should be with luxury items.
  12. honestly, i work in retail, and the truth is that they just don't make things like they used to. certain things that we sell, we won't even offer service plans (you know, extended warranties) on anymore because, in the words of a supervisor, they're "practically disposable." and these are electronics we're talking about. i sell appliances, and people come in after a washer and dryer they've had for 25 years have finally bitten the dust, and they won't listen to my schpiel about service plans because they say their last one lasted so long, and i don't want to say "well the new ones are all crap, they'll break!" but it's the truth, they're not built to last 20 years because then no one would ever need to buy a new one!
  13. Aha! the moisture and humidity. Do you live by the beach? Maybe that has something to do with the rust? Regardless, I think with a product being showcased in sharper image I'd expect them to hold up better than that! :noworry:
  14. Oh don't worry about ranting. I'd be the same way too if that happened to me. I don't think it's your luck (or the lack thereof) with the things you buy. I think it happened less significantly to me with "quality" products is because I learned to visually inspect everything I buy before I bring it to the counter for payment. I swear I have laser eyes! :rolleyes: For big-ticket items, I generally research it to death before heading in! And THAT's the biggest gripe I have with Chanel purses! No pricing posted online!! :mad:
  15. That makes me three. I pick from the back and TO THE LEFT (most people are right-handed so they choose from the right if there are two rows of the same item)! Although I also know that some people would put the stuff in the back to the front thus messing up the order. Oh well, at least I FEEL better thinking that I'm the only one doing it (or not!) :rolleyes: